I’m currently reading Paths of Men

It is not a secret, I quite enjoy it, especially since I am writing a Jane Bennet story as well.

Amy J, the Author, and I have communicated and we most definitely are not stepping on each others toes.  While the stories may have similar elements, they are two very different stories.

However, that all changes today!

Since Path’s of Men Bingley and Darcy so upset me with today’s post, I knew that I had no other course but to take it out on both of them in For the Love of Jane.

  • In Paths of Men, if Bingley makes Jane cry, he loses an ear in For the Love of Jane.
  • If Bingley messes with Jane’s head in PofM, he loses an arm in For the Love of Jane.
  • If he proposes to Jane again and messes with her head and makes her cry in PofM, then he’s sleeping with the fishes in For the Love of Jane.

Oh and Darcy, he ought to know that in my story he hasn’t married Lizzy yet.  I can make it where he never marries her at all!


Gratitous Colin Firth photo of the day

He’s never really been my type of actor and I question several of the roles he’s taken over the years, but you know, as he ages, I find that I like him a little better. I’d like to see him in more smart, classy roles – he really, really, really needs to stay away from Chick Flicks (not that there is anything wrong with chick flicks or chick lit, for that matter) and flaky comedies and/or musicals; they do nothing… NOTHING for him!

This film, And When Did You Last See Your Father, looks really good and by its American release date, they just might be setting him up for an Oscar nomination. It’s about time, too.  I mean, come on, he’s way behind Jennifer Ehle, who has been wayyyy smarter in her choice of roles and she already has two Tony’s, so an Oscar can’t be too far away for her.

And Speaking of Colonel Fitzwilliam…

OK, I know that I wasn’t speaking of the dear colonel, but since when do I ever need an excuse the talk about him. I have this whole, warped back story about Colonel Jonathan Fitzwilliam swimming around in the back of my head… and I also have another whole, warped back story about Colonel Montgomery Ian Fitzwilliam (from the Anne de Bourgh stories… who is a totally different person) So, naturally I have this whole warped schizophrenia vibe where the two colonel’s (who are actually one person) is… are… is… are? like talking in my head.

Got it?

No, me neither.

Anyway, since I’m always thinking about the colonel (in one form or another) I have often felt the need to explain him to everyone. I mean, no one understands him like I do. (you all only “think” you understand him, hello! I’ve know two versions of him… or possibly three)

However, here are my feeling on the subject: everyone has got the colonel all wrong!

Jane Austen, who by rights has the final say about Colonel “?” Fitzwilliam (no matter what I say… and I often think that to her, he was just a convenient plot point), wrote the colonel’s part very cleverly. She never said he was poor, yet, almost every JA fan-fiction story I read (and I’ve read a lot) portrays him as poor.

Hello? He is not poor!

Don’t believe me? Exhibit A:

In her kind schemes for Elizabeth, she sometimes planned her
marrying Colonel Fitzwilliam. He was beyond comparison the
most pleasant man; he certainly admired her, and his situation in
life was most eligible
; but, to counterbalance these advantages,
Mr. Darcy had considerable patronage in the church, and his
cousin could have none at all.

It says: His situation in life was most eligible. Think about it, this is Charlotte “the queen of the establishment seekers” talking. Remember, she’s the one who took Mr. Collin’s just so that she could have a roof over her head. Her radar is naturally tuned in to eligible young men… eligible young men who could provide a roof over someone’s head… not some poor man with no prospects.

Not convinced. Read on!

“He likes to have his own way very well,” replied Colonel
Fitzwilliam. “But so we all do. It is only that he has better
means of having it than many others, because he is rich, and
many others are poor. I speak feelingly. A younger son, you
know, must be inured to self-denial and dependence.”

Notice he says “many others” – he never says “I am.” But Lizzy is smart enough to know he’s being modest (also, a bit of a flirt, but that’s another post):

“In my opinion, the younger son of an earl can know very
little of either. Now seriously, what have you ever known of
self-denial and dependence? When have you been prevented by
want of money from going wherever you chose, or procuring
anything you had a fancy for?”


“These are home questions–and perhaps I cannot say that I
experienced many hardships of that nature. But in matters
of greater weight, I may suffer from want of money. Younger
sons cannot marry where they like.”

Lizzy knows he’s lying and we know she’s smart. I’d say he has had no hardships, as well (and I’m also smart)

Look at it this way: He travels from one great house to another and most likely on his father’s dime or Darcy’s; he dines in the first circles of society and is invited everywhere and he stays away from “work” as much as he possibly can. He’s livin’ large, if you ask me! But then here he goes and has to be a dick:

Our habits of expense make us too dependent, and there are not
many in my rank of life who can afford to marry without some
attention to money.”

Our habits of expense is an interesting choice of words. He’s now included himself in that sentence – it’s the first time he doesn’t specifically say “other’s”. That tells me he has money enough in his purse!

And look at that last line: “without some attention to money.” Notice he says “some” not “all” – as if he’s telling her that it’s a consideration, but it’s not necessarily his only consideration.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well, I just want people would keep an open mind about him and not always cast him in the role of the poor relation. He’s not the poor relation and he’s never been or never shall be the poor relation. He’s the younger son of the Earl of Blank, and more importantly, not one of many, many, many younger sons… just look at the Morland’s with their many, many, many younger sons to provide for.

And BTW: those in the Colonel Brigade, please do not read anything into this – he may or may not end up with Jane.

OMG! It came to me in a dream, just like that!

I’ve finally gotten a great idea for a novel.  I was just laying there in my bed (quite alone) and I was somewhere between haziness and a coma and the idea came to me… and I didn’t forget it when I awoke (which is what I usually do).  I’m thinking about pulling a Charles Dickens and writing a potboiler over the holiday weekend to make some quick cash (not that we “artistes” write for cash).

Unfortunately, I think For the Love of Jane will have to suffer for it.  Well, it isn’t like I’m Bekah… posting like clockwork: I can’t write with one eye closed, one hand tied behind my back, while studying for mid-terms. *insert jealous eye-roll here*

I’ll keep you posted.

Chapter 19: The canceled section

Jane Austen canceled a chapter in Persuasion and fortunately for us, Cassandra did not burn it. (insert eye roll here)

I also have a canceled bit in For the Love of Jane – Chapter 19. It’s not very important to the story, but it is a good quantity of writing that I don’t want to just “throw away”

It introduces the Masons, Jane’s friends who are picnicking at Beecham Hill (the ones who she waves to). In my draft, Jane does go to them when it starts to rain. I eventually decided to cancel it as I wanted to keep the story moving along and did not wish to weigh it down unnecessarily.

BTW: Keep in mind that it is a rough (very rough) draft, not meant for “publication” nor to ever see the light of day. It picks up just after the Colonel tried to kiss Jane.

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Chapter 19 is finally finished!

Man, it took a lot to get it out of me.  And at 21 pages and nearly 11,000 words, I’m surprised I’m not totally insane.

I’m going to give it a last read through as soon as I get home from work tonight, and then I will post it at DWG.  Let the villagers rejoice!!