It’s a new day and a new blog…

You deserve a little FTLOJ treat. However, I want to caution you all – don’t read more into this casual scene then there is; all will be revealed.

Kitty, from her usual post by the window, saw them both leading their horses up the drive. Jane was in full beauty, glowing excessively from her long ride and the colonel to Kitty’s eyes could not have looked more handsome. They both suddenly stopped to face each other. The colonel lifted his hand and began to remove something from Jane’s hair. Jane lifted hers also and by doing so touched the colonel’s hand with her own. It was only for a the briefest of moments, but to Kitty there was something very intimate in the way they both behaved to one another, almost as if they had reached an understanding. She paled and thought she would faint. She knew at that exact moment that the colonel would never be hers.

Elizabeth looked Kitty’s way, hoping to try to engage her in a little trivial conversation. When she noticed Kitty pallid countenance, she asked, skightly alarmed, “Kitty, my love, what ever can be the matter?”

“Nothing, nothing at all.” But Kitty, having always been a little peevish, could not bear to be so observed and bursting into tears she fled the room. Elizabeth and Mary each looked at each other and ran to the window to see what had made Kitty so upset. There was Jane and Colonel Fitzwilliam simply standing in the drive, merely talking. Nothing about it seemed out of the ordinary but both sisters knew Kitty well enough to know that she would take something as a conversation between her favourite and any other as something more than it was.

“Well,” said Mary, being practical as ever, “I hope this will teach Kitty to not be so quick to set her cap at anyone, especially a redcoat.