I have no time to write, but that doesn’t mean I can’t recommend…

I want more of these stories, NOW!!!

Life and Weather!  Such a great, great unfinished story.  The author has really thought out her plotting!!  If anyone knows this writer, please let her know that she has people waiting patiently.

Insights: Just so good and I am so in to it!  I know the author is super busy so I will sit still.  If you haven’t started reading it (and I can’t imagine who has not) run on over to have a look.

Please feel free to add your own recs to the comments! I’ll add more to this post when time permits. 🙂


We pause in this Jane Austen blog to make a Star Trek post


Do all my Star Trek buddies think that I have abandoned them?

It’s called irony.


See, I can do both: write about Jane Austen & Star Trek!

Well, actually I can’t.

Deal. 🙂

Anyway, I was watching this episode the other day and I took this screenshot:

Nimoy as Spock looking a lot like Quinto as Spock

I can not, at the moment, recall the episode as my mind is currently switched off of ST and over to Austen.  If this were last week I could tell you instantly which one it was, but now I can’t; so, sorry.

Anyway… doesn’t “The Nimoy”  look very “Quintoesque” here?

Or is it only me?

People said there was a resemblance, but I never really saw that much of one (they got Quinto’s eyebrows wrong!)

So, there; that was my Star Trek post for the week.  I will now go back to ignoring you. 😉

Oh wait, I’ve got four Star Trek stories to finish, don’t I?


ETA: Exhibit A – the eyebrows…

BTW:  Tomorrow is Leonard Nimoy’s Birthday!  I’m taking cake to work to celebrate!!!

Well, my “store” is up: Something is bound to go wrong

I just know I’ve forgotten something.

I am terrified of angry customers.

All contingencies have been considered… I think.

I am just going to step out on faith and trust that my customers forgive any errors and/or lapses in judgment.

Why do the faces of Miss Matty and Miss Jamieson in the tea shop keep appearing before me?

My shop is OPEN.

Do you hear my teeth chattering?

ETA:  So far it’s “KENELWORTH” by a head.  People just seem to like that “quaint” Jane Austen spelling  Sorry, K. 😀

Pride and Prejudice, subways, and market research

Don’t faint, but I going to talk about Pride & Prejudice for a moment.

(Sorry, Trek buddies, but I need to leave you out of this discussion… but you’ve had all of my attention for nearly a year now…OMG!  Has it REALLY been a YEAR?)

Anyway, back to my Austen mates… (remember, this is for market research)

I don’t want to talk about P&P, the book, but the realm of things connected to the events in the P&P, the story, that might be of interest to you as an Austen consumer.

I know that a lot of you liked the t-shirt ideas and at first I was all for making them, but the thing about t-shirts… they require a HUGE outlay of upfront cash… and I do NOT have a HUGE stash of upfront cash.

First, you have to buy the shirts, and then you have to think about the color of shirts and the cut of the shirts, then there is the entire range of sizes to consider and who you will offend by leaving out, and then there is a minimum quantity you have to purchase before the screen printer even begins to take you seriously.  So, what it boils down to, unless I have an investor with deep pockets (and no, this is NOT a post where I’m begging for an investor) the t-shirt business is currently out of my reach in both cash and sanity.

I hear you all saying: well, what about Zazzle and Cafe Press?  Those models, while good, are not the model for the type of quality of shirt that I want.  I want screen-printed shirts… a totally different animal and printing method.  I’m not saying that I will never do t-shirts, but for the time-being that idea is tabled.

Which brings me to my second point: take a look at this photo:

A nice comfortable reading nook.  A bit masculine and leathery, though.

Now, try to imagine something a bit more stylish.

This is probably more my style, but work with me here for a moment.

Now, taking all of this into consideration, think about Pride and Prejudice again, think about that first photo again, and, more specifically, think about that subway poster on the wall.

Now, take a look at this… Could you see this in your home or a friends home?

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