It’s a damn shame when an author gets more excited about another author’s stories than their own.

And I quote:
“I’m going to post a couple of stories soon, I promise!”
Can you guess who said that? (other than me, I mean)
Our beloved SpockJones said that!
Don’t believe me?  Click HERE!

In other news, unrelated to writing, I am actually on the mend.  I have been forced into returning to work because I have only myself to depend on, but I have been taking it easy.  Today was the first day I ventured out for actual take out.  My appetite is slowly coming back.  I still have a little trouble with cereal and milk and tomato and onion and certain meats, but chicken I can stomach now, so I am hopeful.  Have lost 15 pounds, which is good.

Went to my kidney doctor yesterday and he gave me a clean bill of health.  I still have one very small issue with my left kidney (the one he operated on last year), but he says there is no need to rush and that I can “take off” the rest of the summer.

OH YOU THINK?!?!  I nearly blurted after I bankrolled his entire two-week summer vacation by paying his exorbitant out-of-network fees… but I digress.

Met an adorable policeman in the 7-Eleven today.  Was way too chicken to check for a ring, but we had this funny little conversation standing there in the aisle.. all about cranberry juice and UTIs and how many children I had… but I guess you had to have been there.  Lord, he was cute! Ladies, there is “something” about the badge and the gun… irresistible!



Proof that I have way too much free time on my hands this holiday weekend!

This new JA story just keeps rolling around in my head.

I know, right!  I have no business thinking about new stories when I have something like five to complete already.  But it keeps jabbing me in the side and jabbing me… I really must focus.