Heart’s Guardian – Chapter 8

Author’s Note: Has it really been 3 months since the last chapter?  Gosh I suck!

Chapter 8 (this chapter 8, I should say) was not a planned chapter.  Chapter 9, was really chapter 8, yet, as I was putting the finishing touches to it, I felt that there needed to be a scene in between to bridge the two. Sorry  for the continued angst, but you know me, I get off on this stuff…

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A brief glimpse of Queen Guinevere

So we finally got to see our girl, Gwen, as the Queen of Camelot.

Funny, I was thinking that we’d never get to see it… never thinking we’d get this far in the series;  cancellation always seems to be looming around on the edges with this series.  But there is a loyal following and the show has been renewed, so Merlin fans can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

There, but for the grace of God…

If you take away one  thing from the tragic events happening in Japan, take away this: If this happens to you, you are pretty much on your own.

CNN did a poll today asking its readers:  Do you have confidence in U.S. disaster preparedness?

Right now, it’s almost at 80%… 80 percent of the people said no!

And you know what, I agree… but not for the reasons that are most obvious, like Hurricane’s Katrina and Rita.  No, this happened two years before and it was called: Hurricane Isabel.

In my area of Virginia ALL of my friends, family and co-workers were without power for at least six weeks.  Six weeks… in America!  But the image that is seared into my brain is the image of people standing outside of a Food Lion Grocery store where a truck was distributing bags of ice… as if distributing bags of grain to starving refugees.  And again, this was in the U. S. of A!

So, if you haven’t thought about it before, think about it today: make sure you have some sort of plan, some type of emergency supplies, emergency water, emergency food, because, believe me, you only have yourself to depend on.  During Isabel I NEVER saw one friggin’ FEMA, Red Cross, or rescue squad truck in my neighborhood the entire time!

Oh, the terrible, mind-blowing things you learn during the day

For example, co-worker told me that he had never heard or seen Star Trek: the Animated Series… PLUS, even MORE SHOCKING he had never heard of The Thunderbirds.

What, YOU never heard of The Thunderbirds, either? (oh, you kids; what am I going to do with you? -ed)

Well, let me enlighten you (and no, I am not talking about the U.S. Air Force aerial flying team “Thunderbirds” (who, I was obliged to see every.single. year when I was growing up due to living on an Air Force base, but I digress…)

And don’t even get me started on Captain Scarlet! What can I say, Supermarionation was the bomb!