Heart’s Guardian – Chapter 7

Author’s note: Holidays, professional issues, poster sales:  I’ve been busy, busy, busy.  I finally had time to devote to this story, so I got up this morning and did not let myself watch TV or check email until this chapter was in shape to post.  So, enough with the yada, yada, yada… we continue.

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The Lavish Un-Conference in one word: Handbags!

OK, so that’s unfair.  The creative, vibrant, sassy, exciting, strong, and intelligent ladies and gentlemen of Lavish, the un-conference for lifestyle social media enthusiasts, were far more than the handbags that they carried or the fabulous clothes that they wore.  But being style addicted and “on the purse” for more than twenty years, I could not help but turn my head this way and that as one lovely bag passed by me after another.

(There were also some dynamite shoes, but I am not a  shoe person, as such, so I will leave those observations to someone who would treat the subject matter with far more reverence and appreciation than I ever could).

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Hello to all my new Lavish Conference friends

If you have cruised in here via my twitter handle wave, I guess you are pretty shocked and dismayed by what you find here.  😉  No, this is not my design blog, my design blog, The Girls Own Paper, is over here.

This is my writing blog (where I will be writing my own take on the Lavish Un-conference shortly and eventually cross posting over on the other blog… that is, after I brave the snow and get something to eat).

This blog is just much more popular and I consider it my main blog, whereas Blog: TGOP is my business blog and I post there far more infrequently (my lazy blog, as I learned this weekend).

If you do decide to hang out (*snort* and no, I will not be offended in the least if you choose not to) and read some of my work you will soon find that I write both Jane Austen and Star Trek Fan Fiction.

If I might be allowed blatant self-promotion, as a place to start, might I suggest my best work to date:

Star Trek related: A Brief Encounter


Jane Austen related – alternative): For the Love of Jane

(which is currently unfinished and which I will, no doubt, have an email waiting for me shortly to “get on with it already!)

Again, it was great meeting and speaking with so many of you.  I hope we can all find a way to keep in touch.

Much love,


@bornonmonday & @girlsownpaper