Look Ma, no hands

So, if you have been following my Twitter feed, you know that I have a new toy. I’m going to try and not bore you to death with every little iPod app I discover. I’m really going to put this down in a minute and catch up with the 50 or so stories I need to read (sorry Candace; I suck) and I will NOT let my self become absorbed with “Angry Birds” AGAIN tonight. I just wanted to try typing out a post on this thing at least once before I get border with it!


I will apply myself. I will apply myself. I WILL apply myself!

There is no excuse.  This is the first time in weeks that I don’t have a subway print to complete, so I will finish Full Circle; I will, I say!  If I have to stay up past midnight tonight and Saturady night, I will post the conclusion by Sunday evening.

(You see, I have to post these little statements to myself or I will flake out I sit around all weekend bemoaning the fact that I have no boyfriend and that I have not lost an ounce of fat this week).

Never mind the fact the I currently have Season 1 of Mad Men downloading into iTunes.  But that will just have to be my reward for finishing Full Circle.  Heart’s Guardian is primed and ready to go as we speak, but I have to rake (some of) you over the coals before I post the first chapter of that story.

Shameless self-promotion (Jane Austen related)

Have you visited AustenBlog lately?  Can you pull yourself away from Star Trek Fan Fic for one second, just to indulge yourself in a little Jane Austen love?

I mean, come on, you can not read Happiness At Least three times a day!  You have to look up once and a while and stop fantasizing about Spock nibbling on your neck. (Hmm?  I think that last bit should be directed solely at myself more than anything)


I designed the banner.  Just thought you’d like to know.  You can all go back to your reading and fantasizing now…