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Man, I haven’t done this in a long time!

First, an Olicity story!  What?  You don’t know what Olicity is?


Well first, let me ‘splain to you JA fan fic devotees and even for you Star Trek fic lovers.

The CW show, The Arrow is the retelling/re-imagining of the comic book, The Green Arrow.

Oliver Queen is the rich, playboy son… (DC comics only has rich playboys as heroes, you know… ala Bruce Wayne… then again, Clark Kent is not a rich playboy… but I digress…)–is the rich playboy son of Robert and Moira Queen.

In the first episode: Oliver and his father and Oliver’s current squeeze: Sara (sister of Oliver’s actual girlfriend, Laural) are on the yacht the Queen’s Gambit when a freak storm wrecks the boat.  With everyone “dead” Oliver is shipwrecked alone (supposedly) on a desert island for five years.  When rescued he comes back home to Starling City after that time with a taste for fighting crime (hence, the Arrow)

The setup in the show was for Oliver and Laural to eventually be a couple (and they do reconnect at some point) but the fans of the show were NOT feeling it!  Oliver’s trusty sidekick (the technically gifted, cyber savant, Felicity, charmed us all and SHE was the one we all wanted Oliver with (see: Olicity!)

Flash-forward to now (Season three) and the Olicity love has not gone away.  The show constantly taunts the Olicity fans with these fleeting touches and long stares and almost kisses that the only logical outcome was Olicity fan fiction… which I highly recommend.  I am obsessed! Read it! Now! (Warning: sex scenes)

Let It be Me


My other rec is a Star Trek Fic story (a 2009/reboot fic).  First, I feel I must say that the writing of this story is first class and is some of the best writing in and out of fan fic that I have ever come across.


I just could NOT make it through some of it, especially the last chapter for the VERY, VERY, VERY! explicit sex scenes (not a criticism, it’s a preference thing). You all know that stories like Happiness At Least (which, as you know, is one that I absolutely adore) are almost too much for me.  But this other story I feel I need to caution you that it makes HAL look like a children’s story.  That being said, the story is worthy of reading for the STORY alone.  It tells the touching story of Spock and Uhura (the reboot versions, not the TOS versions) raising their two physically challenged daughters (one is deaf and the other has a lung ailment) on New Vulcan.  Their marriage is in crisis and they have a lot to overcome.  I absolutely loved it for that.  The daughter’s are charming, but have such terrible limitation issues that it almost moves you to tears sometimes.  But again, I stress, it’s not for everyone.

Waxing Crescent


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