What have you been up to, pray, and why isn’t there any updates to [INSERT STORY TITLE HERE]?

Well, that is easily answered: because I am still sick.

1.  I had my “operation” over two weeks ago and I am still in pain.  I went for my post-op follow up appointment and guess what, there is a reason I am still in pain.  To cure this pain I was given a prescription medication that is solely reserved for elderly men who have trouble in a “certain” area, and I think somewhere on the warning label there is something about women not even being permitted to handle these pills. But there was my doctor, slapping them in my hand and hurrying off without a backwards glance, instructions, or assurance.  I really dislike him (the specialist, not my family doctor, who is fabulous!)

2. On top of all that, food still revolts.  I have to REALLY look at the food and think about the food before I put it in my mouth.  Everything tastes disgusting.  And the smell of food… back in the day (waaayyy back in the day, when I was first pregnant I never got morning sickness, but I got evening sickness… right around dinner time… when people started to cook meat… and onions… and you could smell it everywhere in the neighborhood.  It took me something like five years to eat onions again after that.  And that’s how “this” feels, like morning sickness.  The only thing I don’t seem to have trouple with is potato chips.  Water. also, is a struggle.  Iced tea has become a lifeline… and only if it is virtually unsweetened.  I bought a bottle of Peak sweetened iced tea today at lunch and I couldn’t even finish half of it.  So yes, potato chips and Iced tea.  I’m eating like a picky four year old.

3  An on top of all that, if you can believe it, I am dangerously (as both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist told me) anemic.  Imagine my day trying to swallow 3 iron pills… with water… that revolts.

4. And on top of all that, as if it can get any worse, everything has a smell.  It’s like my sense of smell has become super-heightened.  Everyday smells in the office and at home (like 409 or Windex or anything sweet smelling) makes me want to hurl.  I was walking through the grocery store this evening and I became so nauseous in the candle aisle that I thought I was going to faint. The only smell that doesn’t set me off is the smell is of a match that has just been blown out.  So yes, I am lighting matches all the time.

So, sorry for the whiny post, but that’s what’s going on.  You may now resume your normal lives.  Think of me while you get to have something super-delicious tonight for dinner while I dig into my gigantic bag of Munchos. (which by rights, cannot even be classified technically as “chips”.


Why don’t they show the Sci-Fi genre any love?

I mean, like, if you are a vampire, everybody loves you!

Same with Zombies.  And Werewolves.  It’s like everyone is rushing to get your Horror Genre series made!

However, if you are a Sci-Fi show, it’s almost as if your days are numbered even before the second show airs.  And a second season… if you have made it that far, the death nell is neigh.

Don’t believe me?

SGU: Gone!

Caprica: Gone!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Gone!

Jericho: Gone!

FlashForward: Gone!

Defying Gravity: Bang, zoom… (but understandable) 🙂

So here I sit this evening watching the preview for Falling Skies, TNT’s new sci-fi series.  I just know they are going to eventually  break my heart.

But it looks so good and has all the elements that are sure to suck me in: Space ships.  Hostile Aliens. Apocalyptic futures. A rag-tag band of humans fighting back…

“Boy oh, boy,” she says, rubbing her hands together with glee.

But what am I going to do?  Do I allow myself to get sucked (and suckered) in knowing that they are only going to yank my chain just as the getting gets good?  Or, do I ignore them all-together and pretend that there is no such show.

I’ll let you decide.

I will be taking a little break from the blog over the next few days

Last year at this time some of you will remember that I had a minor surgery.  Well, the condition I had was not totally cured and in fact, it has moved to the opposite side.  However, this time around, instead of invasive surgery, I get to go the non-invasive route.   My doctor, tried to push the invasive surgery again, but I can not help but think that he doesn’t have my best interest at heart, so hence the other option. 

Unfortunately, I will still have to be under general anesthesia–which I absolutely hate–because I am one of those people who need to be in control at all times. And as some of you know, it takes a few days for those drugs to work it’s way out of your system.

I wanted to have the next chpter of Heart’s Guardian up and ready to tide you over, but with all the running around to have labs and x-rays done, I haven’t had anytime to write.  I do have a chapter of one of my other stories almost ready to go, so if I can get it presentable looking, I will post that sometime tonight. 

See you all in a few days!  Much love!


Gee, thanks BBC America

For getting me all hooked on Survivors and then yanking the chain and leaving a huge monster of a cliffhanger at the end of things, never to be satisfied.

Canceled? Now what do we do?

I wish some enterprising writer out there would take up this as a fan fic.  I just have to know what happens!!  I mean, there was Tom, with his Jason Statham haircut, the gun poised in his hands, while bleeding freely from a gunshot wound to the shoulder.  How can you end it there?!?!?!?!