Full Circle: Part 4 (post 3 of 3)…

…is not here.

Sorry, but Selkek will not let it go out in its current condition.  Feel free to interpret that in any way that you wish.

I really, really need to work on it just a little bit more.

Begging forgiveness!


Full Circle: Part 4 (post 1 of 3)

Author’s note: I know, I know, it’s very late, but this story had some MAJOR, MAJOR problems with it.  I had to re-write 90% of this chapter to get to where I could at least stand to look at it.  What I wrote over two months ago just stunk up the place.  I’m posting Chapter 4 in three parts as the other two parts needs a bit of a re-read.  Plus, this chapter is long–very long, and I wanted to give you all a few breaks in the middle.  Come back tomorrow, posts 2 and 3 “should” be up by the afternoon.


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