Old movies: From where most of my inspiration springs

Gotta love an old movie. It’s true, they just don’t make them like they used to.

I went out the Borders yesterday (very early), avec coupon, to find something to buy at 40% off. Mysteriously, all the “good” DVD box sets that I have keeping my eye on were not on the shelves (like Wives and Daughters, which I have wanted, like, forever, though the price of $59.99 was a bit prohibitive… but I digress).

Anyway, I wandered through the books shelves, but nothing struck my fancy. Plus, I have about ten books laying about the house now that I have yet to open. So, it was back to the DVD racks to find something.

And there they were, two old movies that were not part of my collection, but I have always wanted:

Rebecca: Joan Fontaine & Laurence Oliver.  I LOVE this film, even though there are times when I just want to slap the de Winters: Max, for being so arrogant and temperamental, and his new wife for being such a doormat.

War and Peace: The CHEESY, poorly cast, poorly acted, poor filmed, poorly directed, HORRIBLE regency era costumes, bad wigs… you get the picture…  yet, I LOVE IT!!!!


In which Teresa writes a Christmas story

I have always wanted to write one but never had a good enough idea. Then, one night I was thinking about P&P2 and Bingley and that scene in the Lambton Inn and thinking about the line “we have not met since the 26th of November… etc.

Now, we all know how wishy-washy Bingley can be, but I wondered, what if Charles had defied his “captors” just once. What if he did go back to Hertfordshire on his own to see if Jane did love him. However, I wanted to keep the story in canon and I could not make it where he found any answers, moreover I needed to reconfirm some of the things that Darcy and his sisters had told him.

Luckily, we don’t actually know how the Hursts’ or the Darcys’ spent their holidays so they were fair game and I could manipulate them as I wished. We do know how the Bennet family did, even if they did not particularly spend it with the Philips’, we do know that over that Christmas holiday the family dined out very often.

One other tricky circumstance in the novel, Bingley does tell Elizabeth that “it had been a long long time since he had the pleasure of seeing her.” Since that was a given, I had to make sure Bingley never caught a glimpse of her, so that is why he only hears Elizabeth in the story and never sees her face. I could not make him out to be a complete liar.

I hope I have passed it off as a little credible. Such a short little story, but it was incredibly difficult to write. I have this need to satisfy a “balance” thing before I post a story and this story was incredibly unbalanced as I wrote it.

It was also a lot longer. The scene between Charles and Jane in the study where Jane was crying, was, at first, after the party. I had even drafted the party scenes out. But it was clumsy and awkward and never quite fit. Plus, it involved too many other characters like the Gardiner children… who would have actually been at Pemberley at the time and not Netherfield… and I felt as though I needed to explain their presence… so you see, no balance; I cut away nearly six pages and poor Mary Ellen, my beta, had to wait a few extra days for a final draft.

The ending and the title presented a particular problem. It took FOREVER to get it how I wanted, and up until I posted, I was still revising it and changing it. In the end, I hope you all enjoy it. And if I don’t blog between now and Christmas day, do have a happy holiday. La! I made a rhyme.

Tears on Christmas Eve

*The link above leads to a PDF file on my Elegant Extracts site – story is also posted at DWG.

Happy Holiday… and all that

I’m still here! Been busy job hunting. Waiting on news for a “big” new job. Am frustrated!

And you know what they say about idle hands… So, I have been “working” though not in an “employed” kind of way. I’ll be posting a new story over at DWG sometime tonight. Not to worry, it’s a one-off Christmas story full of kissing and mushy bits.

I did have a Jane Austen post rolling around in my head a few days ago, but I forget what I wanted to say. Seems that I need to be actually sitting down in front of the computer these days to instantly commit my thoughts to “paper” before I lose them.

Beta? Anyone?

Well, it’s about time, I hear you all say.

This would be a beta request for a P&P Christmas story I want to post at DWG in a few weeks. At this point I’m still putting the finishing touches on it, but will have it ready to look at by Friday.

If you are at all interested, email me or post a comment below. I use MS Word 2002, BTW. Not that *rassa frassa* 2007 version, so if you do use that you will more than likely have to download the conversion pack that is available at Microsoft… or is that the other way round? Hmmm? I think that might be the other way round.

You must have a high tolerance for mushy kissing scenes. I know, I know, I hate the bloody things myself, but for this story it felt appropriate. Also, let me make it VERY CLEAR: This is NOT, I repeat NOT, a D & E story. Other people write those waaaaay better than I ever could, so I would never try to attempt one.