Gratitous Colin Firth photo of the day

He’s never really been my type of actor and I question several of the roles he’s taken over the years, but you know, as he ages, I find that I like him a little better. I’d like to see him in more smart, classy roles – he really, really, really needs to stay away from Chick Flicks (not that there is anything wrong with chick flicks or chick lit, for that matter) and flaky comedies and/or musicals; they do nothing… NOTHING for him!

This film, And When Did You Last See Your Father, looks really good and by its American release date, they just might be setting him up for an Oscar nomination. It’s about time, too.  I mean, come on, he’s way behind Jennifer Ehle, who has been wayyyy smarter in her choice of roles and she already has two Tony’s, so an Oscar can’t be too far away for her.