Can not get the words “sable” & “richness” out of my head!

[…] being imaginary was a disadvantage that could not be overlooked. –Bridget Jones

Of course, you were all correct: I can not get Happiness at Least out of my frigging head!

And it all has to do with David Mountain Hawk.  Why, oh why, did the author have to say that “he was just another Hun down from the mountains.” Do you know what mysteriously handsome, imaginary characters do to women with over imaginative imaginations… who also just happen to have art degrees?  We pull out the friggin’ sketch book and pencils!

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Fun with Dick and Jane and Heart’s Guardian

For the last few days I have been working on the story Heart’s Guardian.  Yes, I do have other stories that should take precedence, but my muse is a fickle creature and she wants what she wants.

Here is a short passage that I wrote just yesterday that I’m particularly tickled by:

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There be beef here!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the aroma from my kitchen is delightful…  Here is my Boeuf Stew avec vin rouge ala Jacques Pepin. (in case you can’t read my terrible French, that’s Beef Stew in Red Wine Sauce)  A lot easier to prepare, I should think, than Julia’s Beouf Bourguignon… which I am still going to try one day!

With apologies to my vegetarian readers, but like they always say in Hornblower: “there is nothing quite like a good piece of fillet“, but in this case, it’s actually flatiron steak.

As you can see, my lardons are not exactly frizzled… I am just like Bridget Jones in that respect.

A few wine choices.  Since the Sobon Zin is already open… it pairs well, but I am inclined to believe the Sangiovese would pair better.  I’m not going to open just yet; will  save for another day.

The stew is very, very VERY rich, so I’m quite full and happy…