Chapter 19 is finally finished!

Man, it took a lot to get it out of me.  And at 21 pages and nearly 11,000 words, I’m surprised I’m not totally insane.

I’m going to give it a last read through as soon as I get home from work tonight, and then I will post it at DWG.  Let the villagers rejoice!!


4 thoughts on “Chapter 19 is finally finished!

  1. Ummmm – let me just read Paths of Men… and then I’ll get to it… I’m sure… if I have time… perhaps…

  2. Woooohoooo!

    Oh, wait just a minute. . .

    . . .step away from Paths of Men! This is going on your permanent record, young lady!

    Post! [pretty please???]

  3. Uggghhh! Tonight, I promise!!! One of the scenes was very, very clunky upon perusal. I’m still retooling it a bit. But a promise, is a promise… so it will be tonight… and that does include up to midnight as well! 🙂

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