The real reason why the Selkek story has not been posted yet

And I distinctly remember saying to myself (just yesterday in fact) that I was NOT going to that “Daily ZQ” photo site anymore because I find myself spending far too much time there just looking at photo’s (of him) that I have already seen countless times (i.e. burned into my retinas).

last-oneYet, I just had to click when I got home from work (and while I was talking to my brother on the phone… multitasking… his three kids and wife are all dressing up as Wizard of Oz characters for Halloween…I know, right!  Super cute!) and there this photo was.  I can not believe I have never seen it before!

Anyway, Selkek… I want to rewrite the beginning of the story (because I think I was on crack when I wrote that part as it now makes absolutely no sense)  so hopefully late-ish tonight or early tomorrow morning before I drive up to Richmond for the entire day.

And get this, the story has no real title.  The original title: “Tea with Selkek” has nothing to do with the story anymore as I changed the “tea” part to a lunch with Selkek.  I know, I suck!


Guess which story is nearly ready to be posted?

You’re wrong!  Heart’s Guardian is nowhere close to being finished and the next chapter of For the Love of Jane requires editing. 

That leaves Selkek’s lovely self as the winner.

What can I say, it wrote itself.  And Selkek is so easy to get along with and he just cooperates.  Prepare yourself, it’s not all peaches and cream.  It’s a little sad and has the subversive ending that I have been longing to give one of my stories all along which no one has let me get away with.  This comes of finishing a story first and NOT posting chapters where commenters let their opinions be known causing weak authors (i.e. me) to wimp out and cave. 

Well, not today!

Plus, I have to get Selkek’s story out there before Heart’s Guardian makes its appearence since some of the action in that story harkens back to my Selkek story.

I’m putting the finishing touches on it now on my lunch break and I hope to have it ready to post tonight.  V. excited to see what you all think and wanting to see if I can make you scream.

Look who has just beamed down!

It’s Spuhura!  Just imagine: hours and hours of Barbie fun!

barbie 009Click image to enlarge

They actually look pretty good; Uhura is appropriately Barbieized!  Very Pretty.  Even Spock is pretty… in a Ken doll sort of way (sorry, no olive feet Candace… *snort*).  I take horrible photos of objects (landscapes and architecture is more my thing) so you can’t really tell, but the dolls do look much better than the photos at the Barbie site.

I have not yet decided on whether or not to take them out of the boxes.  I mean, these are mass produced; no chance of them actually being collectors items one day.  We shall see how the spirit moves me in the coming days – plus, the boxes are beautiful in themselves.

ETA: A couple of observations about the costumes I noticed on the dolls:  I just realized that you can not tell what rank Uhura is.  The women in TOS wore long sleeves and their rank was at their wrists, too.  Hmmm?  Not sure I like that.  And another thing, I did not like the boots the men wore in the 2009 film.  One of the cool things about the male costumes on TOS was the flair pants with the heeled boot.  So slick and sexy!

Look, a Jane Austenesque type post

So. I’ve been watching Emma  thru episode three.  While there are some cringe inducing moments (especially with Ms. Garai and certain “faces”)  – but, I have to say, on a whole, it’s not so, very bad.


But,  but… Emma’s wardrobe is horrendous! She looks like the parlour boarder.

All I can say in my defence…  Hello, Mansfield Park!

As actually seen on Heroes…


And The Quinto was all, like serious:  Me? Handsome?  WTF?  Worse acting ever!

OK, so the acting wasn’t that bad, but did the writers really expect “us” to believe such a ridiculous line?

Anyway, I’m giving up on Heroes.  4 episodes in and I have never been so bored.  I personally could care less about Hiro, and the carnie, and Peter running himself to death.  I want Nathan back NOW!  In the right body and Claire’s father skulking down back alleys.  Then again, I’m still pissed off at NBC for canceling LIFE with Damian Lewis.