Well, it looks like “Hearts Guardian” is a lock

I completed the all important outline today. 

Unbelievable, a much longer outline than SPAT (and you all know how well that worked, with approximately 11 new chapters tacked onto SPATs initial 10) – HG looks like it’s going to be around 26 chapters.  INSANITY!

And the premise is looking NOTHING like my original thoughts for the story, I’ve taken it in an entirely new direction (and, might I add, you will find it a controversial new direction)  Hello, subversive!

FTLOJ, followers, take heart.  I will be posting a new chapter shortly – I think I will work on both FTLOJ & HG at the same time.  (Yes, more INSANITY!  I wonder how long that’s going to work for me?)


OMG! I think I have a new obssession

Sarek and Amanda stories… been reading them ALL day!  I now want to write one.  I know, right!  Must concentrate on the fifty other partially finished stories currently swimming around in my head.

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you

Part 2 of Chapter 20 was up (briefly) this morning, but I hated it so much that I had to take it down for re-working.  I’m going to try to have it back up this evening.  The 39 people who did get to read it, I’m sorry for playing with your heads – but I am never (ever) satisfied with my endings, not until they’ve been picked over within an inch of its life.