A Brief Encounter

Because I have nothing better to do than to write subversive stories with more unhappy endings.  This is a TOS story that’s been floating around in my head for the last two days…

Author’s note: This is a very, very rough draft of a story that just popped into my head.  I have absolutely NO INTENTION of editing it or making it fit for fan fic consumption.  There will be misspelled words and hideous plotting errors, but I wanted to put it down on paper for I did think the premise rather interesting.  I got the idea after watching the TOS episode Amok Time (my absolute favorite of TOS)  I was wondering what mischief I can get up to between the Amok Time episode and the episode called, Mirror, Mirror.  It presented an interesting challenge.  This is the first of two (or perhaps three parts)  Don’t expect any regularity.  It’s very crappy… a few of you might enjoy it, most of you will not.

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I have defected…

… but in a good way.

Candace (of Musings of a Daydreamer fame) has permitted a story of mine to take over a small portion of her blog.  I have written a vignette for her story, An Illogical Woman, hijacking her characters and bending them to my will.  The chapter titled The More Things Change was authored by yours truly.

And before anyone asks, yes, Full Circle was made to suffer this last week for that very reason.  But consider, readers of FTLOJ have been made angry by the existence of SPAT, so there’s enough story abandonment by me to go around for all. 🙂

OK, OK, I will work on Full Circle today and try to have it ready to go tomorrow (emphasis on the word “try”)  However, I must confess, I do feel a wave of food gorging induced laziness coming on.

BTW:  The story is password protected on my blog (for now).  Since it is truly Candace’s story, you should read it there first.

Happy Star Trek DVD Release Day!

There I was up at the crack of dawn (8 o’clock…hardly a crack) standing in front of Target (late for work) in a line…


I know, amazed me as well.  Surely all these people can’t be waiting for the Star Trek DVD, I said.  Turns out, they WEREN’T!  I was the only one waiting… like a crazy person!  THEY were all there for some toy?!?!?  I sort of got a clue when they all turned to the right at the toy department and I kept going straight towards electronics… BY MYSELF!

So, I guess I was the only one excited about the DVD.  Stupid toy lovers!  I don’t even know what toy they were looking for.  They didn’t even get it.  I heard the clerk say “they didn’t have any.”  Any of what?

But back to Target (for those of you in the UK, think M&S… or is that more like Macys?  Perhaps Target is more like Selfridges… do they still have those?)  Anyway, Target has EXCLUSIVE Special Edition packaging for their Star Trek DVDs.  Check this out!

Back in the car at 8:05. V. excited. Had to take a photo.

Look, it's the bloomin' Enterprise! (Sorry, Hornblower moment)

Look, it's the bloomin' Enterprise! (sorry, Hornblower moment)

ANd when you open it up, guess what's inside!

And when you open it up, guess what's inside!

I know, right!  I’ve been geeking out all day.  Plus, it has a digital copy included (which is currently downloading to my iTunes).  That’s great because I though I was going to have to buy a separate one just for my iPod… yes, to carry with me everywhere… like a crazy person!  But now I have a free one.  Forealsies, babe, forealsies.

OK, gotta run, I have a movie to watch.  Again.  This has been a fun day!

I’ve actually started to get my Jane Austen groove back

I know, I know, my mind has been completely taken over by Zachary Quinto Star Trek the last few months.    Hard to believe that the film came out in May and now, here it is November and the DVD drops tomorrow.

I was in the store this afternoon and I saw the empty shelves where the Star Trek video would go at midnight and I got all warm and fuzzy and excited.  But $19.99.  That seems a bit high.  I’ll check out Target; Target always has some kind of amazing release day deal going on (and I REFUSE to shop at Wal-mart… I don’t care if they are selling it for a penny, I don’t shop at Wal-Mart!)

But back to JAFF.  Yes, I just might be getting my JA grove back.  Of course, I’m sure there will be a minor relapse over the next few days (after I watch the DVD 20 times… and then buy the iTunes version so I can watch on my lunch hour, only to come home and pop the DVD back in… who am I kidding, it’s going to be in the DVD player already!)




And here I must stop.  I started to write a JA related post, and I only talked about Star Trek .  Clearly my head is still stuck in outer space.

I am so pathetic.

The next chapter of Full Circle is up, late as usual

If I didn’t have this insatiable need to pick…

So, this is how I write:  As I have said in some previous post, I write all the dialogue down first (it’s like a running conversation in my head).  After that, I go back and add all the actions.  I actually hate that part of writing because I am so very lazy about it (that is why I want to be a screenwriter… nothing but dialogue for the most part… let the director worry about where someone places their hands.

Then I let the story sit, and sit, and sit a little more.  Usually at this point I start working on the next chapter, putting down all my ideas and key points so I don’t forget.  I also do this at other odd times.  I get an idea, like at work, and write it down on a post-it or on a sheet of paper.

After the bones of the next few chapters are laid out, I start getting nit-picky.  This is always problematic because I am NEVER satisfied, that is why I say the story is finished, but in my head, it really isn’t because I haven’t finished being “clever”.

It’s strange, but I can only post when I get a “certain feeling” that tells me to post.  Sometimes this voice is correct, sometimes it is not.  I think this has more to do with anxiety than anything.  I post because “the voice” is “pressuring me” to post.

I hope this gives you a little more understanding as to why I am often lagging behind in posting.  As Han Solo would say, “It’s not my fault!”