Well, I’ll be doggone! Art week worked!

Will wonders never cease.  I set myself a task and I completed it with flying colors!  I cannot tell you what a relief it is to actually accomplish something.  I have two new prints to unleash on the world, and ideas for dozens more.  What a great week (or actually week and a half since I set up my schedule in the middle of a week.
First up:  I do not have the Christmas spirit, but I made a friggin’ reindeer print anyway. I have absolutely no hope of selling it as it is nearly $100.  (I know, right) But if you saw the going rate for large-format color printing these days… I blame the oil companies for I am sure there is some petroleum-based ink in this print in some way!

Also, here is my new Downton print that I have been threatening folks with.

I haven’t decided if I want to sell them yet.  I mean, I DO NOT fancy getting jacked by a British Lord.  As I said in another post, I was very careful to only list real places (there is a town called Downton in the Midlands, I believe) and Lord Fellows did use real places in his screenplay.  However, there is that sticky wicket called “the spirit of things”.  I can’t very well sell them without, in some way, alluding to Downton Abbey. So you see what I am up against.  However, that doesn’t keep me from giving it away. More on that later, duckies.

So now it is Monday and I have just finished “Art Week” (squeaked by on a hair because  I had to put one print in the mail today… a P&P print winging its lucky self to Switzerland… yes, I am jealous of a print!)

I have great hopes for “Writing Week” (as in Star Trek Writing Week) because beginning on Thursday I have five days full of peace and quiet… no work, no commitments.  Daughter is not coming home (again… she, apparently,  prefers the boyfriend’s family: “I have such a good time there and they need me to make the yams,” she says) Hmph!

Starting any minute, I am going to write and write and write some more.  I did not feel that guilt/neglectful feeling of previous weeks and months last week simply because I had a goal in mind.  I hope that it carries over. I think this is going to work!