Peace, Gary (and Dennis)

I just heard. I can’t believe it. Goodbye Gary. May you finally find the peace in the next life that you didn’t always have in this one.

ETA: Dennis Hopper was in one of my absolute favorite films: Giant.  If you have never seen it, I hope you do.  An American classic.  I always considered the story very post-P&P-esque… I consider it the story of what happened next for Lizzy & Darcy… only in a more modern setting.


I haven’t felt like doing much of anything

I have so much to do and I am behind on everything.  I think the word is overwhelmed.  My mother couldn’t screech her tires fast enough to get away from my house, so I haven’t had any help all week.  Not really as bad as it sounds, I’m not starving or anything, but it has been extremely hard to get to the market and clean the house.

I have been more or less laying around on the couch and watching movies.  One stands out: An Education or how many Austen actors can you fit into one film.  It was really very good, with the exception of the ending.  And I wish they had expanded the Olivia Williams character a bit more – I think that there was a great character there, one I would have liked to know better.  I loved her line: “If you don’t go to Oxford you will break my heart.”

REALLY don’t want to go to work tomorrow.  Have no interest in work at all.  Laying around the house curbs all interest in employment-like pursuits.

Thank you all for the kind “Get well soon” words.  On the mend. 🙂

BTW: NBC has canceled Heroes.  I wonder if The Quinto needs any comforting.

Busy is as busy does…

I am literally spinning five plates at once at the moment, but it is actually pretty great to be busy.

1. Creating a new print… a new color print.  It is Jane Austen inspired as well.  Since I am almost sold out of rejects (thanks everyone!), and getting ready to flip into Northanger Abbey print mode, I thought it best to get busy on something “different”.  Here’s a little sneak peek.

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