Films & Television shows: It’s official, I don’t like anything anymore

Just saw a highly regarded film and a much anticipated TV show.  I’m just going to step right out there and tell you the truth:  The Kings Speech was kinda of boring and Upstairs Downstairs was kinda weak and predicable.

You may now get on with your life.

The Coming of Arthur, Part 2

How AWESOME was that episode?

I was on the edge of  my seat from beginning to end.  So  exciting and thrilling.  Yet, at the same time it was so sad.  Especially for poor Lancelot.

Did you notice how they kept zooming in on his distraught face every time he glanced at Arthur and Guinevere together?

One thing I hope they do not do: I really hope they don’t have Gwen betray Arthur ala canon.  But so far, they have stayed away from the “real” story as much as possible, so hopefully they won’t break out hearts by breaking Arthur’s.  However, I do not put it past them to toy with the Gwen and Lancelot “romance” a bit more, especially since we know that Morgana is out for revenge.

Excellent episode.  I have no idea what I am going to do with myself until it returns.

Oh yes, Mad Men.  🙂

BTW: You have to check these Merlin Posters out.  Amazing!