I’m currently reading Paths of Men

It is not a secret, I quite enjoy it, especially since I am writing a Jane Bennet story as well.

Amy J, the Author, and I have communicated and we most definitely are not stepping on each others toes.  While the stories may have similar elements, they are two very different stories.

However, that all changes today!

Since Path’s of Men Bingley and Darcy so upset me with today’s post, I knew that I had no other course but to take it out on both of them in For the Love of Jane.

  • In Paths of Men, if Bingley makes Jane cry, he loses an ear in For the Love of Jane.
  • If Bingley messes with Jane’s head in PofM, he loses an arm in For the Love of Jane.
  • If he proposes to Jane again and messes with her head and makes her cry in PofM, then he’s sleeping with the fishes in For the Love of Jane.

Oh and Darcy, he ought to know that in my story he hasn’t married Lizzy yet.  I can make it where he never marries her at all!


4 thoughts on “I’m currently reading Paths of Men

  1. I have said I would make no more comments on any stories or otherwise but this was just too good to not comment on…

    You can do what ever you want with Jane and Bingley (I love your story and wait impatiently each time for a new post!!); but, please, please, please don’t mess with L & D. Their personalities are such that they just have to end up together in the end! (I love Path’s of Men, too!)

    btw…when can we expect the next chapter of FTLOJ??


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