Pride and Prejudice: The sequel?

I have an extensive collection of “long playing” DVDs which, on occasion, I pop into the player to distract me for several hours.  When I mean long playing, I mean mini-series and such.  90 minute movies don’t really hold my attention.


I have the film GIANT which, if you have ever seen it is not a mini-series, but it might as well be as it is over 3 hours long… made back when they made real movies.

But I digress…

I have not watched GIANT in nearly two years as it is a movie that requires your full attention and half a day to enjoy.

However, today when I reached the intermission (remember when “real” films had intermissions back in the day?) something really struck me that I have never noticed before:  GIANT could almost be the sequel to Pride and Prejudice… in a more modern setting (if a 1930s cattle ranch could be considered modern)

Think about it:

Leslie marries a rich Texan, Jordon Benedict, a bachelor who lives with his sister, and a man she spars with at first.  Upon realizing her love for him, she goes off, far away, to his vast Texas cattle ranch (estate) to begin her married life.  What follows is a story of two people, trying to understand each other and to overcome class differences and other obstacles.

Perhaps it’s just me but the comparisons are so strange.  It could also be the basis for a really good fan fic… which I have no intention of writing… but would be quite enjoyable to read.  Rent the film and see if you if see the possibilities of P&P part 2 in it.  Leslie Benedict (Elizabeth Taylor) is such a Lizzy and Bic Benedict (Rock Hudson) is so Darcy!

GIANT is also a book (which I have to go back and read… I was such an Edna Ferber fan as a teenager; she wrote such magnificent stories)