Rediscovering a favorite fan fic

It’s no secret, I adore Jane Austen Fan Fiction and happily defend it from all detractors.  Jane Austen fan fic authors as a whole are an amazingly talented bunch, and nothing delights me more than re-reading a fan fic I haven’t read in years and remembering just why I loved it so much in the first place.

Over in my side bar, I’ve listed some of my absolute favorite fics under the heading “Keeps me From Writing”.  And they do!  Sometimes I click on one… usually a really long one, and spend half a day doing nothing but reading it… when I should be writing!

In the last week or so I have added:  All Good Things by Xenia.  I had forgotten all about this one.  This was one of the very first fan fics I read.  It’s nearly ten years old and fabulous.  The reason I mention it now is that I want you to read (or reread it) it too (if you haven’t ever or lately)

Fair warning though, if you are one of those people who can not abide the thought of Elizabeth Bennet choosing someone else over Darcy (those are always the ones I like to especially read) then you should avoid it at all costs.  But, I like it because it is so outrageous:  Colonel Dashwood falling in love with Lizzy, Georgiana eloping, AGAIN!, a destitute Lydia turning up at her sister’s door, Kitty marrying rational man!  Read it and let me know what you think!!  And you Darcy lovers just might get a kick out of it anyway!


“Missing” Elizabeth

I really miss writing the story: Persuading Elizabeth.  For those who are new to my odd collection of fan fic, my specialty (back in the day) was writing about the Fitzwilliam family.

A little of the back story involved: I wrote this one story called The Brothers Fitzwilliam (again, one that I never finished… that I feel was, at the time, just a little too ambitious for my limited skills).  One of the chapters that never got posted dealt with the young Lt. “Montgomery” Fitzwilliam (as in Colonel Fitzwilliam) being posted to Gibraltar to a regiment that consisted of one Lt. Frederick “Tibby” Tilney.

Naturally the two became best buds, so much so that when Fitzwilliam became a Colonel some years later (in the Anne de Bourgh stories) and given command of the Welsh Guard (I know, where did that stupid idea come from?) he asked “Tibby” to come along to be his second in command.

Fast forward a few years later, Colonel “Montgomery” Fitzwilliam (not to be confused with Colonel “Jonathan” Fitzwilliam of FTLOJ… same person but a totally different charater in a totally differnet story) has married Anne de Bourgh.

While Monty is off fighting in the wars, Anne (de Bourgh) Fitzwilliam is visiting her sister-in-law, Lady Pamela Fitzwilliam (married to the irrepressible Lord Andy!… Lord, how I miss writing Lord Andy!)  Lady Pamela had begun to strike a friendly acquaintance with the not so friendly Miss Elizabeth Elliot (who is unfriendly because the story Persuading Elizabeth takes place in the weeks that lead up to Anne Elliot’s wedding and Frederick Tilney is also in Bath at this time and getting in her way and irritating Captain Frederwick Wentworth by charming the pants off of Anne (his Anne, not Monty’s)… you get the gist of the story…

Ok, have I lost you yet?  I think I’m confusing myself more… now you see why I stopped writing it all…

So anyway, this brings me to this scene I wrote that I always liked but it has never seen the light of day.  It’s Miss Elliot’s narration, but I thought that I should explain (which I was trying to do above) exactly why and how two such disparate characters come to occupy the same drawing room.

So, without further ado, I give you a snippet of Persuading Elizabeth, which I am going to finish right after the Jane Saga is over.

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Hurrah! Foyle’s War returns to PBS tonight!

V. excited as it’s my favorite of the PBS Mystery series (along with Inspector Lynley which is a very close second)

And get this, I’ve made much progress on “Jane 20” today.  Unfortunately, it will have to stop while Mr. Foyle pays a visit to my drawing room this evening.  But, let me just say that the Bennet drawing room is a very uncomfortable place at the moment with four (single) gentleman callers all wishing for the attentions of the same woman.

Hmmm?  I wonder how many “Austen actors” will turn up on tonight’s episode?  In a few weeks we can expect to see our old friends Mrs Bates and Miss Kitty Bennet.

Now I’ve gone an done it

I’ve pretty much committed the rest of my life to writing more about Jane.  I was so pleased with myself for finishing the outline, that I’ve gone and started the sequel.  I never meant to do it, not now, since I haven’t even finished the first story.  But it is all so clear in my head right now that I felt it necessary to get some of it down on paper (or in this case, in the word processor), before I forget.

The plan is this (and I should really know better than to “plan” anything) the day I post the last of chapter of FTLOJ, I will put a link to the sequel at the end of it.  This way, I can write both stories simultaneously and not have my readers contemplating what will happen after all is said and done in the first story.

Like I said, that is the plan.  These characters have occupied my head long enough and I am sure Jane Bennet is ready for me to stop meddling in her affairs.

Besides, Elizabeth Elliot and Captain Frederick Tilney would very much like for me to continue with the development of their own love affair… which has been languishing on my hard drive for at least five years now.  Does anyone even remember my P/NA story, Persuading Elizabeth?  I think not!

BTW:  Curious little thing going on in my head right now:  I just bought the Cranford DVDs and now have the actor playing Dr. Harrison, Simon Woods, swimming all around in my head.  As you know, he played Mr. Bingley in the latest P&P film, which, I always thought did him no justice.  It was not his fault whatsoever.  He was given a horrible script to work with (IMO) and played Mr. Bingley as an utter buffoon.  It’s funny, Dr. Harrison seems so very Bingleyish in Cranford that I have wondered, several times, if Sue Birtwistle cast him on purpose and made the role Bingleyish on purpose.  Perhaps she too was disgusted with the way the Bingley role was written in the film and wanted others to see that Simon Woods wasn’t an actual idiot.

Hmmm?  Makes sense to me!