The first t-shirt has arrived… and more contest news!

YAY!  I am officially a t-shirt impresario.  Here are a few snaps from only moments ago.

pember_tshirt-_1The quality of the shirt is pretty good, not too heavy or too thin.  White was selected basically because it was the cheapest and no troubling image reversals that I had to attempt for it to print on a black shirt.

The printing itself is slightly less than I had hoped.  The text came out fine; its the fine detail in “Pemberley” that I’m a little disappointed with. (the image below is a little blurry)


The windows, Louisa!  Not that I should have attempted (64) window panes in the first place.  I’ll see how they turn out on the screen printed shirts. (this shirt was not screen printed)

BTW:  The contest is still in effect.  And no, you don’t have to guess the real name of the house on the shirt.  I guess that was too hard.  So, I’ll settle with a comment.  If you comment (in either post about this shirt) I’ll put your name in a hat to draw.

I’ll take the last comment at 7pm, April 5th.

Here’s a bit of Chapter 22… even though I have not posted chapter 21 yet

Chapter 21 is finished!  YAY!  Let the villagers rejoice!  (what an ordeal)  However, I want to hold off and not post it until I get a clearer picture of what must happen in chapter 22, first.  Chapter 22 is the linchpin of the entire story which leads to it’s conclusion and I have to lay the ground work now.

However, you have all been so patient, I thought I’ve show you a rough bit to get the juices flowing – as I said, it’s still shaky, but you will get the basic understanding of what I’m trying to say…

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And we’re off…

The first shirt is off to the printers.  It’s only a sample run basically to see their quality and see if I want to continue on with them.  I’ve already found another printer who I think I would rather work with, so it’s all pretty much up in the air right now.

Here’s a sneak peek.  Not to worry, I have others up my sleeve.

pember_tshirtCopyright (c) 2009.  The Girls Own Paper.  All rights reserved.

At first, I was also considering saying Derbyshire instead of Pemberley, but that’s hardly special in a Jane Austen kind of way–and also having  the last line read: all I got  was this wretched t-shirt, but it would have thrown off the kerning.

BTW:  The alternate text for this shirt (for Bronte lovers) will be: Somebody took a governess position at Thornfield Hall and got a mad wife into the bargain. (or similar).

(Is it Hall or Manor?  I never can remember.


How do you like the manor house graphic?  I drew it myself (although you really can’t see the detail at this size).  It’s not Chatsworth nor is it Lyme Park, but it is in Derbyshire (and the silhouette is virtually correct).  Of those who guess correctly, your name goes into the hat to win the shirt!  If no one guesses correctly, I’ll draw all names and choose a winner that way.  So tell your Austen friends to drop by.

I hope I haven’t made it too hard; there will be more contests with other designs in the coming weeks!!