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My excitement cannot be contained!

My T-shirt with the outline of Leonard Nimoy’s actual hand (I know, right!!!) arrived today. Was sort of scared to touch it for fear of soiling it with my unworthy hands!

The package was shoved unceremoniously into my mailbox by some uncaring postal work.  But the t-shirt and it’s Certificate of Authenticity was, as Spock would say: “Appear undamaged.”

C of A

I don’t even want to speculate how to get this framed.  I have a large frame with another treasured piece from a famous illustrator that cost nearly a weeks pay to frame; to do this shirt justice I’m going to have to do some sort of shadow box treatment (including the C of A) and that right there is probably a cha-ching moment!

But the worst part: Who do I trust to handle this?  Definitely not some Arts and Crafts store’s framing department!

What does the ultimate Star Trek fan do when money is burning a hole in her pocket?

She buys a one-of-a-kind item from Leonard Nimoy’s Etsy store.

*I shall go distracted*

I was NOT letting that sort of thing just stay there and NOT have one.  Are you kidding me.  $75.00.  No way, no how!

And unlike “professional collectors” I KEEP my stuff.  I don’t sell things like that for profit.

Are you kidding me: Sell something of Leonard Nimoy’s own creation?