My Star Trek nerd-a-tude knows no bounds

Just discovered that has now uploaded Star Trek: The Animated Series…. I will never get any writing done.

If you only have time for one episode today, do make it: The Lorelei Signal.  Not just to see Ms. Uhura in command of the Enterprise, but to laugh hysterically when Nurse Christine Chapel becomes all verklempt when her “man” gets into trouble.


Speaking of being a trek nerd…

Kirsty (of Boblog) sent me a link to some really interesting “Victorian style photographs” a while back.  At the time I was out of town and in my own little world and promptly forgot all about them.

Then today, the author, Jennifer Weiner was tweeting about William Shatner being on the same plane as her (imagine that… I would have imploded from the sheer glee of seeing Captain Kirk sitting down beside be).  That instantly reminded me of the link Kirsty sent.  Of course, I have since “stolen” one of the photos for my own viewing pleasure…

Kirk as a Field Marshall

But wait, there’s more “Victorian” Star Trek….

You know this is just screaming for “someone” to write a Victorian era Trek time travel story!