More bad boys (of Austen & Brontë)


In honour of Wuthering Heights, I had to do a couple of Brontë designs. These would probably work as bumper stickers, as well.


I think I will try to do one shirt to start off with. If they turn out well, I’ll do others.


The Bad Boys of Austen

I think these “might” actually end up on T-shirts…


Of course, that is if anyone is interested. Does that mean I’d have to set up a Cafe Press store? No, I think I want them screen printed and sell them through Elegant Extracts’ sister site: The Girls Own Paper or perhaps even license them to someone else. Hmmm? Must go away and have a bit of a think.

If the Austens were related to the Brontës

Dear Diary,

June 13
I am happy to report that the journey into Yorkshire was without incident and I am safety installed with my Brontë cousins in their neat little parsonage at Haworth. My uncle welcomed me most handsomely and the three girls appear, so far, very charming. I have not met my cousin, Branwell, as he is away at present.  My cousins seem most eager for me to meet him.

June 17,
Cousin Anne and I are not the best of friends. Did not appreciate my “teacher at a school” joke. Don’t know why.

June 29,
Showed Emily a rough draft of Sense and Sensibility; seemed shocked when I placed the Dashwood family in a cottage by the sea and not on a moor. She has taken quite a fancy to Colonel Brandon, though. Asked if he was a foundling of obscure birth. Asks me constantly when I will add ghost, lunatic, and dark, narrow passages to story.

July 2,
Charlotte read out to us last evening. Oh how I roared with laughter at picture of her Mr Rochester with mad wife in attic. When I pointed out to her that nobody likes an ugly hero, she stormed from the room and has not spoken three words together to me all day.

July 5,
Branwell has arrived. Lord, help me.


Toying around with a few t-shirt ideas

roguegifThe jury is still out on this one, but I wonder if there is a woman alive bold enough to wear it… or a man crazy enough to stand beside her?  The quote is Jane Austen, by the way.

This one is just me being a smart-alec.

redcoatsgifI probably will change this one to say:

militiagifThe soldier needs work.

I really need to go to bed now!

A Meme? I talk entirely too much about myself as it is.

Yet, I will give it a go. Pamala Knight of Time Flies has tagged me and I am up for the challenge. Leo’s never give up the opportunity to talk about themselves.

Six things that make me happy:

1: I am happy that finally, we all live in a country where saying “All men are created equal” actually means something. You do not have to agree with President Obama’s politics, you don’t even have to like the man, but before today could you really ever look your sons and daughters in the eye and say they could be whatever they wanted to be without thinking in the back of your mind… well, if you were not a person of color, or a woman, or were GLT, or disabled, or any other number of obstacles that are laid in children’s paths just because they are different?

2: Travel makes me happy. For years, being an Air Force brat, I hated traveling; always having to pack up and move every three or four years; but you know, now, as an adult I find that I really love it. It opens up so many new horizons. When I speak to people who have never left their home state or who have never been on a airplane, I really feel sorry for them; I could never close myself off like that.

3: Handbags makes me happy. I thought about posting a photo of my entire collection, but you would only think I am a complete psycho. Hey, you can have your 100 pairs of shoes, but give me a sophisticated, stylish bag and I am in heaven. If you want to give me a Louis Vuitton gift card, I’ll take that, too.

4.  Having a decent job makes me happy.  Currently, I am unemployed, so I’m not too happy about that situation at the moment.  Hopefully that will change within the next few days.

5.  My favorite authors make me happy.  Jane Austen, E.M. Forster, J.K. Rowling, Helen Fielding, Nancy Mitford, Stella Gibson, Joseph Finder, & Alice Hoffman (but only occasionally).

6.  My Favorite musicians and composers make me extremely happy.  India. Arie, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Lang Lang, Yo Yo Ma, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Jill Scott, Priscilla Ahn, Little Jackie, Patsy Cline, Philip Glass, Adele Anthony, Luciano Pavarotti, Kirov Orchestra, Emerson String Quartet, Patti LaBelle, Vienna Philaharmoniker, Berliner Philharmoniker, City of Prague Philharmonic, Vanessa Mae, & The Supremes.  I know I’ve forgotten some.

OK, now I’m supposed to tag someone.  Well, I won’t do that.  Feel free to blog what makes you happy!

Dreams are a wish your heart makes

Nothing is more frustrating than a dream where you cannot attain your object. My object, or rather “subject”, was some celebrity (who will remain unmentioned because I cannot abide having a crush on a celebrity at my age) who pranced around my school (I have no idea why I was in school) wearing a form-fitting orange sweater that showed off his muscles.

My crush was visiting the school because his wife (who is not his real-life wife) was teaching my class. All I know was that I wanted to rush home and get my crush’s DVDs so he could autograph them. For some reason, there was no time for me to get home, so Amber Tamblyn (I have no idea why she was in the dream) offered to take him a note for me to get him to autograph a head shot (because, naturally, all celebrities always carry around their head shots!)

The dream then descended into frustrated madness where I could not find paper or pen, and when I did find the paper, the pen would not work, or I would lose my pen, or lose my paper, or the paper turned out to be a napkin, and the pen I was using would not work on napkin texture or tear it, but, miraculously, I found a wax laundry marker that would not work on grease paper(?)… And of course, by this time Amber was getting really, really, angry with me for not having my note ready… and then I woke up… really, really tired and angry and out of breath and relieved that the dream wasn’t actually real.

And no, it wasn’t a dream about Colin Firth!