Well, since you refuse to write, what have you been doing?

So glad you asked!

Other than reading the #downtonabbey timeline on twitter and cruising the YouTubes for Downton Abbey clips in which to spoil myself, I have finally finished the Downton Abbey poster.

I haven’t actually printed one as it still resides on my hard drive in PDF purgatory (plus, I may want to flip some words around to give it a different balance).   None of the locations on the print are fictitious (real places) and I was careful not to use anything pertaining to the actual production, but I don’t think I will sell them, I will most likely do a giveaway so stay tuned if you want one.

I’ve also made another print (in color) but that is over on my other blog. I would have posted it here as well, but I’m too tired right now to look for the files.  So just go over there to look if you are so inclined.

On another note, I also looked at a townhouse (a dirt cheap townhouse) yesterday as I desperately want to move.  But I still have ambitions of moving to California, but no one seems to want to hire me from waaaayyy over here on the east coast.  I *did* look at a job in Saudia Arabia that looks quick interesting.  But first, I need way more information about living there, but I am intrigued.

And now I have to get up from this computer and go into my bedroom to watch a movie I rented from iTunes.  Well, one of three movies.  I rented X-Men: First Class, which I promptly fell asleep to last night.  Yes, just that boring.  I did play it again this morning when I got up.  I was not impressed.  I like James McAvoy as an actor, but not as Charles Xavier… only Patrick Stewart is Charles Xavier in my mind.  But, OMG!! Michael Fassbinder… how handsome is he!!!

I also rented Bridesmaids and Captain America (a sucker for superheros).  I will only watch one film tonight, I just can’t decide which.  I probably should save Bridesmaids for after work tomorrow when I will most likely need a good laugh.

Decisions, decisions… night, night, chickies!


I love you, Zachary!

Which NO ONE at this blog is surprised to hear! Being gay makes you not one wit less handsome or desirable in my eyes.  You are still my pretend boyfriend!

Zachary Qunito article at The Advocate.

And in case anyone needs reminding how abso- f-ing sexy he is…

And as one commenter put it so eloquently and succinctly: “Boom. Pregnant!”

Whatever you do, DO NOT watch this clip! HUMONGOUS SPOILER!

Omg!  OMG!

If you have ever watched an old war film where the hero is lost in battle and the heroine bravely carries on in the face of her agony, (think of Ashley Wilkes coming back from the war and Melanie running down that dirt road and Scarlett having to be restrained and reminded that Ashley belongs to somebody else) then you will completely understand why this clip Will. Slay. You.

Premise: Matthew is MIA and Mary (silly, undeserving girl that she is) is devastated. And this clip is what happens next… (remember, you have been warned)

NOTE:  This print is actually backwards facing.  I have seen the longer version and it faces the other way.  I would put that other clip up but it would giveaway  far too much of the story.  This shorter clip is the most romantic part and I must say, in terms of epic film-making, it is awesome!

Thomas “spoilery” goodness

First of all, DON’T blame me AFTER you find out what happens to Thomas and then you get all huffy and put out because you can’t see the entire thing.  However, view the two videos (in order) if you just NEED to get a quick fix to prevent you from running down the road in a fit of DA induced madness.  I also suggest that you watch them as quick as you can before “the word” gets out to the powers that be.