I am in some serious trouble, folks

I have been working on Chapter 10 all day.

Circle the correct answer.

When I got to page nine and STILL had not gotten to the scenes at the ball, I…

A) had a mild panic attack and spent three hours mindlessly watching Heroes clips at Hulu.com


B) Laid on the sofa for an hour and just stared at the ceiling and wondered where I went wrong while drinking coffee like a fiend


C) Considered scraping the entire story, deleting the blog, moving to Minnesota, changing my name, and pretending that I have never heard of Star Trek before.

Answer after the jump…

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I got nothin’ people! Wait a minute, perhaps I do.

I’ve got things to say, and things to show (and tell)

1.) I really got nothin’  in the writing department.   After “reading” the new Star Trek book, it zapped some, if not all of my strength (more on this below)  I worked on my story today during my lunch break, but found myself deleting and deleting and deleting.  Four pages dwindled down to two.  My muse has deserted me. (Probably for a fling in the bleachers with Kirk)

2.) However, with all this (read: MY) talk of Star Trek lately (I know, I know; I have been pretty obsessed lately; I’ll turn this back into a Jane Austen blog in a few days… Kent! I promise)  I can not believe I have not shown you all my “treasure”!

Beyond Uhura

Beyond Uhura

But if you think that’s great, check this out:

Herr autograph!  I know, right!

Her autograph! I know, right!

As Emeril would say:  BAM!

Ms Nichols is such a wonderful, gracious woman.  I can’t believe how patient and giving and forgiving she is during autograph sessions.  She was escorted out by two very large Klingons — in full regalia, mind — and was welcomed by everyone so warmly.  And she had such a beautiful smile on her face.  I had tears in my eyes… I have tears in my eyes just remembering and writing this down.  The book really is my treasure… and I actually have two! both autographed.

3.) I just finished “reading” the Star Trek “tie-in” novelization (via audiobook).  Although Mr. Quinto did an excellent job reading it (his dulcet tones, Louisa!) I can not say I liked certain elements of the story.   It reads almost like a rough draft of the script instead of an actual copy of the script… or rather,  it reads like the script before it got cut down for political correctness.

The book does go a little more in depth with some of the characters, but not at all to some of their advantage.  I got the distinct impression that Bones is racist.  He makes cracks about blue-skined people that didn’t sit too well with me (Gene Roddenberry would be turning over in his grave… where is the acceptance of all colors, races, sizes)  The film sort of glosses over it and cuts the offending lines out, but for me, the damage is done.

Uhura gets no love, either.  There are some pretty clear mysoginistic overtones concerning her character.  She reads like a whiny cry-baby who can’t let Spock out of her sight without having a near emotional collapse.  No wonder a lot of the fan boys dislike her: they read the book!  I didn’t like this “book” Uhura either.  She comes across as a snippy know-it-all who doesn’t know how to do her job and actually blames herself for Vulcan’s distruction.  You read that right, SHE BLAMES HERSELF!  Ughhh!

Out of five possible stars, the novelization gets 2 for content and 4-1/2 for Mr. Quinto’s reading.  He really should do more audiobooks, he’s got a wonderful talent for it.  I’d love to hear him read a classic; Catcher in the Rye comes to mind… or even possibly the phone book.

So Pleasing a Thing: Chapter 6 is up

Thank you all so much for reading.  I can not believe the stats for this story, but I am very flattered by the attention the story is receiving.  I think there are only two chapters left in me.  I’m working on Chapter 7 right now and it just feels like 2 more need to be written.  Chapter 6 is the longest so far and it is also the last chapter that incorporated the pages that I wrote out in long hand.

Actually, the story did have an entirely different direction, and I started to write it out last night, but when I woke up this morning it was screaming at me that it wasn’t going to work.  Perhaps, after I am finished writing it all, I’ll post the canceled chapter and let you decide for yourself.  I hope you continue to enjoy my little story.

ADDENDUM:  (May 26th, 11 pm) Chapter 7 is now up, if you are so inclined…

And now Chapter 8…

I guess I am a bit of an anomaly: A woman who likes Star Trek, Terminator, and Jane Austen

Just got back from seeing Terminator Salvation. I enjoyed it thoroughly! No plans, at present to write Terminator fan fiction, but I did find the films action and characters all to my liking. They even found a way to incorporate Sarah Conner and the “Arnold” T-800 terminator, to great effect.

I’m guessing it’s not a big hit with film critics, but that is to be expected. They don’t like anything. I don’t know what they were looking for this film to provide, but it provided me with 2 hours of non-stop action.

I give it ***** out of ***** and nothing ever gets five stars out of me – even Star Trek, which I also enjoyed, didn’t get five, but that was their own fault for breaking StarFleet regulations!

It is now time to move into Terminator Salvation mode

Slowly coming down from my Star Trek high.  Went to see it tonight one last time before the DVD release.  Man, I haven’t given a film repeat business at the theater since… since… WOW! probably not since Star Wars (remember the 70s when Star Wars blew our minds so much that the cool thing was to see it as many times as possible?)  Yeah, none of you remember that, I’m sure – I’m the only old one here.

Anyway, I’m thinking that seeing it a second time was probably a mistake.  I kept watching it in light of my Spock/Uhura story and kept seeing where I am going wrong; it will require a MAJOR rewrite once I’m done with it.

It’s not totally “off”,though.  Even thoughtI’m writing it in the alternative reality vane, I am approaching it from the original series side, too.  Confused?  Example, Spoke did serve under Pike… for 11 years, not for the 2 minutes the film would have you believe… but then in the alternative… oh, just never mind, I’m making this harder on myself then I should really care.  I should be more like Kirk and just step out on a limb and take a few risks.

I put up Chapter 3 last night and I’m getting ready to post Chapter 4.  This thing is flying off my fingers as fast as my typing will allow me; I just hope I can keep up the pace.