Thomas “spoilery” goodness

First of all, DON’T blame me AFTER you find out what happens to Thomas and then you get all huffy and put out because you can’t see the entire thing.  However, view the two videos (in order) if you just NEED to get a quick fix to prevent you from running down the road in a fit of DA induced madness.  I also suggest that you watch them as quick as you can before “the word” gets out to the powers that be.



3 thoughts on “Thomas “spoilery” goodness

  1. Thank you for posting the spoilery goodness because I think you’re right–the powers will probably send out the removal nanobots directly. But on to Thomas. Who knew that I would be feeling misty over Thomas, THOMAS mind you. And was that O’Brien looking positively solicitious over Lady Grantham? What is the world coming to? I don’t know. Know why I don’t know–BECAUSE SEASON 2 ISN’T AVAILABLE IN AMERICA UNTIL JANUARY, THAT’S WHY. Okay, the shouty, stabby feeling has passed and I’ll try to have some patience until then.

    • You know, I find Thomas a compelling character, but if I meet him in a back alley somewhere it will be all over for him. I don’t care how warm and fuzzy he gets in some of the scenes, he is still a villain, as Mrs Bennet would call him. Thomas and O’Brien and their plotting is hysterical, but oh how they hurt people simply because they have nothing better to do.

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