Whatever you do, DO NOT watch this clip! HUMONGOUS SPOILER!

Omg!  OMG!

If you have ever watched an old war film where the hero is lost in battle and the heroine bravely carries on in the face of her agony, (think of Ashley Wilkes coming back from the war and Melanie running down that dirt road and Scarlett having to be restrained and reminded that Ashley belongs to somebody else) then you will completely understand why this clip Will. Slay. You.

Premise: Matthew is MIA and Mary (silly, undeserving girl that she is) is devastated. And this clip is what happens next… (remember, you have been warned)

NOTE:  This print is actually backwards facing.  I have seen the longer version and it faces the other way.  I would put that other clip up but it would giveaway  far too much of the story.  This shorter clip is the most romantic part and I must say, in terms of epic film-making, it is awesome!


4 thoughts on “Whatever you do, DO NOT watch this clip! HUMONGOUS SPOILER!

  1. I was DYING to tell you about Matthew MIA – and there were tears welling in my eyes at this bit.

    Messes with my mind that it’s mirrored!

    So, have you seen all of it, or only clips?

    • I have only seen clips… there are a ton of them on YouTube and of course I have ABSOLUTELY NO RESTRAINT within myself! You probably don’t have to worry about “spoiling” I seem to be doing it to myself willingly. 🙂

    • I know right. And then Matthew starts SINGING!! *Just dies*

      And I can not, for the life of me, understand why Mary didn’t run to him when he enters (Hello, film-making 101) Then again, that would be SUCH an obvious clique and this is not an adaptation of a romance novel. Julian Fellows seems to not be following the typical romance pattern (gallant hero returns victorious from battle, heroine swoons) which is both good and frustrating! Mary just refuses to be a heroine!

      Also, what I REALLY like about this scene… is the affection everyone has for Matthew. He really is one of them now!

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