I love you, Zachary!

Which NO ONE at this blog is surprised to hear! Being gay makes you not one wit less handsome or desirable in my eyes.  You are still my pretend boyfriend!

Zachary Qunito article at The Advocate.

And in case anyone needs reminding how abso- f-ing sexy he is…

And as one commenter put it so eloquently and succinctly: “Boom. Pregnant!”


6 thoughts on “I love you, Zachary!

    • There is just something about him that is so hypnotic. Probably the eyebrows. “We loves us some eyebrow.”

    • Considering his profession I can see why he was hesitant to come out. He will lose some roles now. No matter what people in Hollywood say about being open to a lot of things, it’s still in the state that killed Prop. 8.

  1. I had not heard this, but so not surprised. Its like when Ricky Martin came out. It was like, no duh!!!
    But, he is still friggin’ hot and I will continue to watch him make out with Zoe Saladana any day

    • I was letting him define himself. Until he made his announcement, I was cool with whatever he wanted to be. It is exactly how people early on in the Sphura 2009 fan fic world couldn’t quite grasp what and who they were writing about. It was so NOT Trek and certain things were best left alone.

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