Downton Abbey clips: It is too early in the morning for tears

These are clips from the second season, don’t click if you don’t want to be spoiled.

OMG!  When Mary handed Matthew that stuffed toy I thought I was going to keel over in a swoon; her face shows all of her vulnerability.  And, even better, the Bates/Anna scene in the second video… I yelled: FINALLY!!


7 thoughts on “Downton Abbey clips: It is too early in the morning for tears

  1. Oh My GOD!! I’m going to need a giant supply of tissue for Season 2. I agree that Mary’s face showed it all at the train depot. And when Mrs. Bates showed up, I thought uh oh. Here we go. BLAHHHHH! I can’t wait for this season to start but I’m already biting my nails in sadness.

    Thanks for sharing and for the warning.

    • I have no idea why PBS feels that it is necessary to torture Americans until January. Most likely the videos will eventually come out in some underhanded method and we will all see it long before January anyway. These clips themselves prove that. They should go ahead and get it over with.

      • Yes, why do they insist on torturing us?? At least we get Doctor Who at the same (well…mostly, almost) and that hasn’t killed anyone has it? Why can’t they let it premiere worldwide or at least in the US (sorry, I don’t really care about anyone else, lol) at the same time??


    • I love a good tear-jerker and anything angsty. I say “bring it”. 🙂

      Question: Does Lavinia make her appearance in episode 1? When they posted the new cast list several months ago, I immediately guessed who Lavinia was. I love the series but (IMO) JF does tend to lack originality in his writing.

      • Yes, she’s in those clips. I’ll refrain from saying more for fear of spoilers. You know how good I am at putting my foot in it!

      • I actually want some spoilers, but I am going to make myself be patient and wait! I will see how well my resolve is in November. 🙂

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