Why Uhura Matters

Just go and read this and see why!


5 thoughts on “Why Uhura Matters

  1. I have read this before but it was nice to read it again. I was a little girl in the late 60’s and I had a photo of Uhura on my bedroom wall (along with Chekov). She was my inspiration and made me think that anything was possible and the world would survive those crazy turbulent times. I will always love Uhura in whatever form she takes.

    • For me, she was one of the few African-American women on television (Uhura and Julia… does anyone remember Julia?) so I was interested in everything she did on the show. I always thought that the episodes where she got to go on away missions were the best.

      As I grew up, I watched the shows again and again and my parents just did not understand it. Then again, they still don’t understand my Star Trek love. One of my mother’s favorite lines to me is: Haven’t you seen that already? Ugh. I was born in the wrong family… seriously. I do not and will never fit in… still.

  2. Thank you for the link.

    As a black girl growing up in Alabama in the late 60’s Uhura and Julia was great for me, my sister and female cousins to see someone that look like us was everything society had told us we couldn’t be.

    Uhura had been my hero ever since the day I saw her on Star Track, today I am introducing my granddaughter to the awesomeness of Uhura through TOS and the new movie…

    Uhura really matters!

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