The snow, Louisa!

That lid is 8.5 inches in length

That lid (which I used to scrape off the car… until it snapped in half) is 8-1/2 inches long.  Nuff said!


4 thoughts on “The snow, Louisa!

    • I didn’t venture far, just to the shops up the road. I’m going out today to check out the after Christmas sales and will mostly be on the main roads. My neighborhood road is considered secondary so it will not be plowed, making it V. treacherous and slick. But the Main road and the highway will have been plowed and sanded, so I should be OK. Funnily enough, the place where I work (undisclosed military location) is closed to non-essential personnel because they could not spare the plows for our parking lot, opting instead, I gather, to plow the main base. So, woo-hoo!! extra day off!!

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