Hello to all my new Lavish Conference friends

If you have cruised in here via my twitter handle wave, I guess you are pretty shocked and dismayed by what you find here.  😉  No, this is not my design blog, my design blog, The Girls Own Paper, is over here.

This is my writing blog (where I will be writing my own take on the Lavish Un-conference shortly and eventually cross posting over on the other blog… that is, after I brave the snow and get something to eat).

This blog is just much more popular and I consider it my main blog, whereas Blog: TGOP is my business blog and I post there far more infrequently (my lazy blog, as I learned this weekend).

If you do decide to hang out (*snort* and no, I will not be offended in the least if you choose not to) and read some of my work you will soon find that I write both Jane Austen and Star Trek Fan Fiction.

If I might be allowed blatant self-promotion, as a place to start, might I suggest my best work to date:

Star Trek related: A Brief Encounter


Jane Austen related – alternative): For the Love of Jane

(which is currently unfinished and which I will, no doubt, have an email waiting for me shortly to “get on with it already!)

Again, it was great meeting and speaking with so many of you.  I hope we can all find a way to keep in touch.

Much love,


@bornonmonday & @girlsownpaper