Films & Television shows: It’s official, I don’t like anything anymore

Just saw a highly regarded film and a much anticipated TV show.  I’m just going to step right out there and tell you the truth:  The Kings Speech was kinda of boring and Upstairs Downstairs was kinda weak and predicable.

You may now get on with your life.


6 thoughts on “Films & Television shows: It’s official, I don’t like anything anymore

  1. I haven’t seen the Kings Speech yet but I did see the new Upstairs Downstairs and I was a bit disappointed, I was hoping it would last longer I wanted to know what happened to her sister once she realized being a Nazi wasn’t the way to go…

    I love British drama…

    • I love British drama, too, but I can’t let myself enjoy it because I get so caught up in the inaccuracies of the historical bits. And I agree, 3 episodes were not enough to bring out the series to the best advantage. They should at least have given them the same number as Downton Abbey. We got absolutely no character development. And when Sir Hallem was going up the stairs I actually said to myself, “He’s going to find his sister up there.” UGH!

      As for the Nazi bits… Anti-climatic. I’ve read quite a lot on the Mitford sisters, and found their (real) lives so much more compelling (which covered the same period and many of the same events) that Lady Persy’s activities paled in comparison.

    • OK, I grant you, I did sort of like that bit when Lionel stood back and said ‘here’s someone you should know.” It would have made me even happier if she had said “Mr. Darcy?” in the manner of stumbling across him on his beautiful grounds at Pemberley.

      In hindsight, I sort of wish she (JE) had played the Duchess of York instead of HBC.

  2. Okay crankypants, you’re allowed to be underwhelmed if you like. Personally, I thought Firth REALLY deserved that Oscar because his performance as George VI was so poignant and vulnerable. I also thought the others did a splendid job of getting out of the way so that his performance could shine through–especially Geoffrey Rush. But that’s me. Opinions and all, right?

    Upstairs Downstairs did feel a little bit rushed. It had GREAT potential but squandered its time with characters that we didn’t really care about or chasing threads that were too hastily wrapped up. Or not. In other words, I see your point ;).

    Now, find someplace to stream Game of Thrones or the Borgias or Nurse Jackie or The United States of Tara. I’ll get back to you on cinematic recommendations. *hugs*

    • OK, so I am being a crankypants. I admit it. I’m just picky these days. I can not think of one film or TV movie that has moved me in a very long. time.

      I can’t really say he deserved his Oscar because with the exception of Inception (crappity-crap), I didn’t see any of the nominated films. Even now, looking at the list of nominations for his category, I can’t say that he really had any competition. The only one with any acting chops was Jeff Bridges, but he plays all his roles exactly alike in every film that he makes. I just thought Colin was flat. I watched the film twice to make sure, and sure enough… flat. He plays every one of his roles the exact same way, as well, like he’s still Mr. Darcy. Boring. I actually liked him better in “The Last Legion” which I saw him in a few weeks ago. But then, he was still just Mr. Darcy in Roman costume.

      Oh, wait a minute, I WAS moved the other day while watching Deathly Hallows and the scene where Dobby died. But Dobby was CGI… so I haet to speculate what that is saying about my preferences these days. 😉

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