The Coming of Arthur, Part 2

How AWESOME was that episode?

I was on the edge of  my seat from beginning to end.  So  exciting and thrilling.  Yet, at the same time it was so sad.  Especially for poor Lancelot.

Did you notice how they kept zooming in on his distraught face every time he glanced at Arthur and Guinevere together?

One thing I hope they do not do: I really hope they don’t have Gwen betray Arthur ala canon.  But so far, they have stayed away from the “real” story as much as possible, so hopefully they won’t break out hearts by breaking Arthur’s.  However, I do not put it past them to toy with the Gwen and Lancelot “romance” a bit more, especially since we know that Morgana is out for revenge.

Excellent episode.  I have no idea what I am going to do with myself until it returns.

Oh yes, Mad Men.  🙂

BTW: You have to check these Merlin Posters out.  Amazing!


6 thoughts on “The Coming of Arthur, Part 2

  1. It was an awesome episode! A nail-biter from beginning to end. I too, hope they don’t stick to canon in terms of Lancelot and Guinevere (he did look so sad every time she and Arthur were together) and just let the tension or unrequited love hover between them instead of acting on it.

    I can’t wait for the time when Arthur finally finds out that Merlin is a powerful wizard and dragon lord.

    • I know, right. But I keep wondering if the series will last for a 5th season because the 4th has to be planned perfectly to insure that nothing remains hanging just in case they don’t get renewed.

      Their season finalies never disappoint. I never thought anything could be better than the episode: The Last Dragonlord. Colin Morgan really is a wonderful actor in that one. His emotions were all over his face. Just perfectly subtle… but then this season’s finale was just so exciting! This show has me so hooked!!

  2. I was hooked as well! I can’t wait until the next season start and I did feel for Lancelot but…. Gwen and Arthur are made for each other! I have to find another show to occupied my mind until Merlin starts again.

    I really can’t wait for Arthur to find out that Merlin is a wizard!

    • I was going to suggest MadMen (like I said above) but I have since learned of some sort of production delay. Well, there’s my summer ruined! Have you seen Camelot yet? A little too spicy for my taste, but you should be able to get your “Arthurian Legend” fix on! 🙂 Plus, it stars James Purefoy so you know there will be something to look at.

  3. I know! I loved the finale, especially because they made Gwen a BAMF! Yes, the Morgs knew her deception, but she was still crafty and brave. I loved that they showed her working with the forge.

    This episode made me empathize with Lancey. I liked that he stayed and he fought bravely for his friends and his lady eventhough he knew that Gwen and Arthur were definitely a pair. I hope that they follow the legends where Gwen is faithful. It is hard for me to imagine this Gwen cheating on Arthur or this Arthur being a neglectful hubby. He is in stupid love with that girl!

    • On another blog (that I won’t mention) they constantly critize Gwen and Arthur as having no chemistry. I wonder what they are smoking? But then again, they are men and men see things so much diferently. The actor playing Arthur (BJ) gives the Gwen character the tenderest looks with his eyes. So tender in fact that they make ME blush and want to avert my eyes.

      I know, Lancelot is so pretty and tortured. I feel so bad for him. But I do hope they address the situation early on in the next season to put all of our minds at rest. But of course, they probably won’t because angst (my favorite word) makes such compelling television! 😀

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