It’s a damn shame when an author gets more excited about another author’s stories than their own.

And I quote:
“I’m going to post a couple of stories soon, I promise!”
Can you guess who said that? (other than me, I mean)
Our beloved SpockJones said that!
Don’t believe me?  Click HERE!

In other news, unrelated to writing, I am actually on the mend.  I have been forced into returning to work because I have only myself to depend on, but I have been taking it easy.  Today was the first day I ventured out for actual take out.  My appetite is slowly coming back.  I still have a little trouble with cereal and milk and tomato and onion and certain meats, but chicken I can stomach now, so I am hopeful.  Have lost 15 pounds, which is good.

Went to my kidney doctor yesterday and he gave me a clean bill of health.  I still have one very small issue with my left kidney (the one he operated on last year), but he says there is no need to rush and that I can “take off” the rest of the summer.

OH YOU THINK?!?!  I nearly blurted after I bankrolled his entire two-week summer vacation by paying his exorbitant out-of-network fees… but I digress.

Met an adorable policeman in the 7-Eleven today.  Was way too chicken to check for a ring, but we had this funny little conversation standing there in the aisle.. all about cranberry juice and UTIs and how many children I had… but I guess you had to have been there.  Lord, he was cute! Ladies, there is “something” about the badge and the gun… irresistible!



10 thoughts on “It’s a damn shame when an author gets more excited about another author’s stories than their own.

  1. Glad you’re feeling better! Now, do you really want to stick with this same doctor, or change to an in-network doctor who is more affordable? And yay for losing those 15 pounds!

    • Well, my company is switching to a different insurer come August 1st so I will have to reevaluate all my doctors again. The 15 lbs was just a fringe benefit. Once my appetite come back in full, I’ll balloon up again! Thanks for your kinds wishes!

    • Yes, but silly Teresa went to the mall today thinking that I was back on top. I only made it to the shoe depart which was just through the door and had to turn around. Not doing that again anytime soon. Thanks for your well wishes!

    • Thanks so much! I hope I can keep the lost weight off. Everything in my closet fits so much better.

  2. I am happy that you are on the mend. And Spock Jones posting stories again? That is something to look forward to.

    • Thanks a bunch! And I have read Happiness At Least so many times I’ve lost count. Looking forward to a story from her!!

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