I love you, Zachary!

Which NO ONE at this blog is surprised to hear! Being gay makes you not one wit less handsome or desirable in my eyes.  You are still my pretend boyfriend!

Zachary Qunito article at The Advocate.

And in case anyone needs reminding how abso- f-ing sexy he is…

And as one commenter put it so eloquently and succinctly: “Boom. Pregnant!”


Still the prettiest

So, apparently, as you can see, there is STILL no writing going on here.  Yes, I am on that break that I threatened you with.  However, that doesn’t stop me from trolling the Internets in search of photo’s of my boyfriend (you heard that right, my boyfriend, my ONLY boyfriend.  Lord, I so hate men right now… long, boring story that I won’t bother you with.)


You know, there is a funny observation that I have always noticed about The Quinto and women.  Have you ever noticed that 9 times out of 10 the women he happens to be taking a photo with are, like, gazining at him adoringly.

Well, yes, of course, he is beyond gorgeous, but I mean, look at them… here, here, here, and especially here… see what I mean?  GAZING ADORINGLY… as if he’s made out of bacon dipped in chocolate drizzled with butter.

But is The Quinto really more gorgeous than the thousand or so other gorgeous men in the world? (Yes!) but the women seem ESPECIALLY happy to be standing next to him for some reason.  He probably possesses an awesome personality, or smells really good, or has excellent manners, or has some sort of charisma mojo going on up under all that butter.

But ladies, here’s a clue… when a guy that you want grips you by the shoulder when he puts his arm around you (and The Quinto is the master of the shoulder grip, I’ve noticed) it is a sure sign that he is simply your friend.  However, if he goes for the waist, you are home free… go ahead, plan the wedding!