I love you, Zachary!

Which NO ONE at this blog is surprised to hear! Being gay makes you not one wit less handsome or desirable in my eyes.  You are still my pretend boyfriend!

Zachary Qunito article at The Advocate.

And in case anyone needs reminding how abso- f-ing sexy he is…

And as one commenter put it so eloquently and succinctly: “Boom. Pregnant!”


We pause in this Jane Austen blog to make a Star Trek post


Do all my Star Trek buddies think that I have abandoned them?

It’s called irony.


See, I can do both: write about Jane Austen & Star Trek!

Well, actually I can’t.

Deal. 🙂

Anyway, I was watching this episode the other day and I took this screenshot:

Nimoy as Spock looking a lot like Quinto as Spock

I can not, at the moment, recall the episode as my mind is currently switched off of ST and over to Austen.  If this were last week I could tell you instantly which one it was, but now I can’t; so, sorry.

Anyway… doesn’t “The Nimoy”  look very “Quintoesque” here?

Or is it only me?

People said there was a resemblance, but I never really saw that much of one (they got Quinto’s eyebrows wrong!)

So, there; that was my Star Trek post for the week.  I will now go back to ignoring you. 😉

Oh wait, I’ve got four Star Trek stories to finish, don’t I?


ETA: Exhibit A – the eyebrows…

BTW:  Tomorrow is Leonard Nimoy’s Birthday!  I’m taking cake to work to celebrate!!!