Hmmm? See anything familiar?


You know, we Leo’s have swelled heads already, so it doesn’t take much for our heads to swell up ever larger.

It’s so cool to see my work displayed in someone else’s home.

Photo from the “Knitting Lemonade” blog.


Well, here’s that Northanger Abbey print I’ve been threatening you with!

And it only took me 10 months to complete.

Northanger Abbey PrintYes, I do realize that the inserts in your last poster orders said “coming soon”, but then, there are these people who keep insisting that I ignore all you Austenites in favor of StarTrek. 🙂

Yes, blame them.  None of this can possibly be any of my fault.

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BTW: Coming soon: The Bronte  & The ABC’s of Austen prints

Rejects; I got rejects; I got lots and lots of rejects (a CONTEST!, of sorts)

Yes, it’s a contest.  And no, it’s not altogether free.

In celebration of the Grand Opening of my “Big Cartel” store, I am giving away ONE of my new (only 2 of a kind) Northanger Abbey prints FOR FREE!

The print is black (matte) and white on acid-free, heavy-weight (36 lb) high-quality bond… and it is lovely, if I do say so myself.

It is also a true limited-edition as all other subsequent NA prints will be slightly different.  Print comes hand-signed and numbered by the artist (moi!). 🙂

That’s a $60 value, my dears.

And how do I get it, I hear you all ask?  Well, I’m going to tell you.

Go to my Big Cartel store and buy (yes, you have to make a purchase) from my “reject series prints”.

The reject prints are rejected for various reasons (see store for my very anal rejection criteria).  The reject series prints are B&W on 20 lb bond (that’s regular paper, folks) and are on sale for $7 + $3 shipping and handling.

I have already packaged the reject prints.  All I have to do in slap a shipping label on once the order is confirmed in Paypal.  At this point, I do not know what is in the mailing tubes.  You get what you get… as in, you might get a Kenelworth print when you really, really wanted a Kenilworth one.

All reject prints have flat-rate shipping and only come 1 to a tube, so if you want 3, you are going to get three tubes.  Tubes are sealed and I am not opening them “to check what’s inside” as that would be unfair to the contest participants.

All of the reject prints are the Pride and Prejudice print, with the exception of one.  One reject print is a reject Northanger Abbey print.


ETA: There are 23 rejects 18 rejects in all, so your chances are 1 in 23 18… or 2 in 23 18, if you buy two… or… you get it.

BTW: I do not sell the budget-friendly $15.00 prints on 20 lb bond anymore.  Sorry. 😦 So, this is the last opportunity to get a print at a really reduced price.

OK,  that’s it, I think.  If I have forgotten something, I’ll come back and edit this post later.

(see store for more details)

Oh, and rejects/contest only open to my U.S. customers (all 50 states and Puerto Rico), so sorry to all my far away friends.