In which I give you another J.A. story…

…a longer story, in fact.  This proves that I have been writing although I haven’t been posting them anywhere.

If you have nothing better to do tonight than to read 4-1/2 chapters of a story I have no idea how to end then you are welcome to it.

Author’s note: the story starts off in a typical JA fan fic way: taking a scene we are all familiar with and adding a slight twist to move the rest of the story in another direction.  As always, it’s a rough draft  (with type-o’s and sluggish dialog in places).  The story may change eventually, but at this moment I have no ideas as to the how.

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The first real post of the new year

The last one doesn’t count as I started writing it last year, but by the time I hit “Publish” the year had already changed over.

Well, what’s going on…

ThisClose to actually having, as Bridget Jones’s father would say, a “real” boyfriend.  Nothing to report as yet, but there has been developments, so I will keep you all posted.

Of course, that is, if I don’t mess it up (and somehow, I always do)  Remind me to tell you the story of the cute younger guy who adored me and I messed it up because I decided to get all feminista and wouldn’t let him carry my computer bag to my car.


A good side effect of all this positive energy flowing all around me (this week) is that a lot of men (and I do mean a lot) have all of a sudden started to take notice of me  (God, I hope it isn’t because of the 30lbs I recently lost, but because of my bright, sparkling personality).  I know right.  I truly must have been some sort of Sea Hag before because  men hardly ever gave me the time of day.

Example: I was walking through the mall after work “shopping for cute stuff”  this evening (which I NEVER do, and am still perplexed as to why I even wanted to shop and shop for cute stuff) and so many men were saying hello and talking to me that I was beginning to think I was on some sort of hidden camera show.

This never happens to me.  NEVER!

And my usual demographic (toothless, homeless older men in their 60s) who can always be counted on for a lewd comment, actually looked away from me as if they were frightened and somehow knew that I wasn’t in their league any longer.

Of course, this could all be my imagination.

Yeah, probably is.


Been watching a lot of documentaries on writers lately.  The second one that caught my particular attention was the one on JK Rowling on the Half-Blood Prince Special Edition DVD (which, I will say again, is really hard to find in stores… it’s almost like they went out of their way not to make them.  There were a million regular editions in Target, et al, but not one Special Edition).

*ends rant & steps off soapbox*


I always sort of heard her story with half of my ear (you know: single mother, on the dole, writing in a cafe) But I never really HEARD her story until I sat down and listened to her interview on the DVD.  Her life and my life really (really) sound an awful lot a like.  She has some really excellent incite to share about writing and how her life has changed since becoming famous.  I do hope you writers get an opportunity to view it.  It’s amazing!

One thing, which I thought was cool: the word processing program she uses looks like it actually pre-formats the book for her.  I always thought writers just double-spaced on an 8-1/2 piece of paper.  Not Ms JK, apparently.  Interesting.  Is this something new or am I just behind the times?

And speaking of writing…

…long, tired sigh!

I have defected…

… but in a good way.

Candace (of Musings of a Daydreamer fame) has permitted a story of mine to take over a small portion of her blog.  I have written a vignette for her story, An Illogical Woman, hijacking her characters and bending them to my will.  The chapter titled The More Things Change was authored by yours truly.

And before anyone asks, yes, Full Circle was made to suffer this last week for that very reason.  But consider, readers of FTLOJ have been made angry by the existence of SPAT, so there’s enough story abandonment by me to go around for all. 🙂

OK, OK, I will work on Full Circle today and try to have it ready to go tomorrow (emphasis on the word “try”)  However, I must confess, I do feel a wave of food gorging induced laziness coming on.

BTW:  The story is password protected on my blog (for now).  Since it is truly Candace’s story, you should read it there first.

“Another” open letter to Nikki

Dear Nikki,

Why on earth did you leave that link? I CAN NOT take the ups and down of this story for one more minute.  It is 12:20am and I have to go to work first thing in the morning. I was already sleep deprived, but I can not let this story hang on this precipice for another minute.  

Why would the author write the story “The Other Woman”?  Clearly she wants nothing more than for me to pull my hair out.  Why can’t Spock and Uhura speak plainly to one another?  Why doesn’t Spock just open his heart for once.   UGHHHH!  I am going INSANE!

I have the “Kobayashi Maru” chapters to read next and it is quite a slog.  Too much of a slog to start at this time, but I am at my wits end with these two!  Worst case of cliffhangeritis imaginable!!!  I am going to have an aneurysm if I see the name “Helen” anywhere on in the first page (unless it is followed by “in a fatal shuttle accident” or “was trampled to death by wild boars.”)

Love and Kisses,
Teresa AF

So Pleasing a Thing: The wrap up post

I never, ever intended for the story to be as long as it was, but it had a mind of it own and just continued to write itself.

I actually intended for it to end after the ball.  The original premise was to have Spock meld with Nyota and make her forget everything, but on closer scrutiny that seemed very cruel.

And would you believe that Selkek was not even supposed to be in the story at all.  The original draft had Mrs Hall, Spock’s neighbor lady across the street, be the catalyst for bringing Spock and Nyota together.  I had even written it out in something like 10 pages where Mrs Hall was actually Nyota’s Godmother and Nyota spent her weekends at her house.  I have NO IDEA how I made the leap from there; I will have to go back and re-read it one day to understand why I did the things that I did.

This is the part that’s going to make you all scream, so brace yourself: at one point, I was going to have Stonn be interested in Nyota romantically.  That entire scene at dinner was supposed to be Stonn putting the moves on Ny (not Selkek… and I think a lot of you may have picked up on it because that “vibe” was still there from the first draft well into the second).

My first thought was to have Stonn made aware that Spock favored Nyota.  I wanted to have it where it seemed that Stonn was jealous of Spock and went after the things that he coveted (like T’Pring, like Nyota) but I couldn’t resolve it all in my head and I don’t think I currently possess the skill to introduce such an intricate plot device, so I let it go and brought in Selkek.

And dear, sweet, Selkek, who you all seem to love, was such a “second thought character” when I originally thought him up – he had no bigger role than that of Solev or Turok (because, in my mind I was still shipping Stonn) but when I wrote the scene when they all left the restaurant, something just “clicked” and the Selkek you see on paper was born.  After that, I went back over Chapter 18 and rewrote most of it, giving him just a little more umph!

That was when I also decided that I needed to kill off poor little T’Kel.  And if you an believe it, T’Kel, in the first draft, was originally T’Pring’s sister… which led to this convoluted tale of T’Kel telling Selkek about her sister’s deception, and for Selkek to pass it all onto Spock (which I also wrote out)  But cooler heads prevailed, and I edited and I edited… and I edited (hence the long delays and the writer’s block – it was only me trying to resolve the original story into what you see today.

Again, I want to thank you all for your patience.  I know the story still has its faults, I see them all, I assure you, but I am glad that I was able to bring some enjoyment to you.  Thanks for spending part of your summer here with me.  I have really enjoyed meeting all of the new people and reading all the great fan fiction that I have discovered from you all.

My next few posts will probably have to be Jane Austen related (because this IS, after all, a Jane Austen Fan Fiction blog) and my Jane Austen friends have had the patience of the saints.  I really do need to work on For the Love of Jane for a while to make it up to them… and it’s so close to being finished.