Rantage (with a cognac assist)

Yes, it is a bit early to be imbibing, but I worked today (yes, on a Saturday), and I am stressed, so it’s justified.

Speaking of work. Got the shock of my life when I opened my email this morning.  My boss… (I think I should stop here and explain that I have two bosses.  A militaryish boss and a civilianish boss.  They don’t work in the same building let alone the same city.  I work for “someone” who “loans” me out to “someone else”.  Got it?  So… more on the shock of it all…

…my boss, (cc-ing me) wrote my other boss (the one who actually pays me) such a startlingly nice, complimentary email, talking about my recent work on a certain “lawsuit” (which I can’t talk about… not that I’m a lawyer, or a paralegal… not even a legal secretary, but I do work for militaryish lawyers) that it almost brought a tear to my eye.  I mean, as in crying. Me… crying.  I know, right, unheard of in modern science.

But, it made me wonder why the email was written in the first place.  I think my boss can tell that I am at my wits end with this project (dealing with lawyers who do not want to do any work of their own) and I believe that the flattering email was meant to curb any ideas of my flinging myself out of the office doors in a fit of resignation rage (a real malady… as I’ve been known to up and quit places once or twice)

What makes it so funny (and there is always a funny part) is the fact that I was actually in a semi-resignation rage last night after leaving work… so much so that I came home and applied for this job on the other side of the country (which I don’t have a prayer of getting because nobody hires from across the country anymore (unless you want to go to Saskatchewan and frack the begeesus out of some shale for $1000 a day!)

And get this, the job is for some more lawyers… only the more high-powered corporate type lawyers who REALLY don’t do anything for themselves.  But it is in Palo Alto, California and I can put up with a lot just to be near San Francisco!

Last night I contacted a friend who lives in the area, asking him what I probably already sort of knew: how does one live in Palo Alto when one has no money.  Well, apparently, one cannot live there.  He says the average person who works in Palo Alto actually lives at least 50 miles away.  I have a 20 mile commute here in Virginia that has already put me well over the edge; I don’t see it happening.  And like I said, the job is just a pipe dream, but heck, I tried.

Which, of course, doesn’t stop me from consulting the Interwebs, switching to fantasy mode, and playing my favorite game called: “Moving to California”.

It’s a game I have played for years and it goes like this:  I apply for a job (that I naturally won’t get) and then spend half the day looking up real estate I can’t afford and real estate that I can (usually the shadier of trailer parks) and planning my routes on the “CalTrains“… which leads me to wonder what kind of ticket I should buy (weekly?… monthly?) and whether or not my new employer (who is not going to hire me, mind) offers a transportation allowance. (Google does!!  Yes, I applied to them, too).

And, after all this plotting and planning, I usually come to my senses.  Then I slip into a depression.  And then put up a ranty blog post… with a cognac assist.

Courvoisier… my favorite.


4 thoughts on “Rantage (with a cognac assist)

  1. Oh my darling! I feel your “resignation rage” pain because back in the day, I might have given serious side-eye to an employer or two :). I’m glad they appreciate you and are smart enough to try to head you off at the pass with the storming out the door. Have a few sips of Courvoisier for me too, while you dream of Palo Alto.

    • I am already on my second glass. I am so relaxed. But really, if I could somehow get my act together, I would not have to deal with employers if I were a real writer. Just don’t have the discipline. My own fault.

  2. If working in Palo Alto, you could live in Sunnyvale – get a one-bedroom apartment for maybe $1400/month, drive 15-20 minutes to work (20-30 minutes on streets) in good traffic.

    • You are assuming I can afford $1400 a month. LOL! One thing that all the jobs I apply to have in common: No one wants to pay me what I am worth. I am so sick of people who think 40K a year in San Francisco is doing me a favor. If I do get an offer and if it is reasonable and a LIVING WAGE the first place I will look is Sunnyvale… (you’re not biased, are you?) although, my “dream” is something along the lines of a Victorian row house. Yes, I know, I’m putting the crack pipe down.

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