In my James Earl Jones voice: “This is CNN.”

Or rather, this is me on CNN…talking about Jane Austen,… like I’m an expert or something.


I was asked to do a CNN iReport back in the summer and was told that sometimes the iReports develop into a feature story that appears on one of the main CNN pages.  And what do you know, yesterday, it happened on the CNN Travel page.

Nerd Pilgrimages: To boldly go on a nerdy pilgrimage

Hey, does this now qualify me for professional writer status? LOL! Probably not.

Click on my name on the article to see more about my pilgrimage (which, you have already heard about last year when it happened).

BTW: My photo of Chawton Cottage appears as #11.


5 thoughts on “In my James Earl Jones voice: “This is CNN.”

  1. Oh my goodness, that’s wonderful!!! Of course you’re a writer. We, your loyal fans, have known that for quite some time. You don’t need a publishing contract to confirm that. So glad to see your work recognized and you did a fabulous job of explaining the Austen obsession without making us all sound crazy ;-).


    • LOL! “..:without making us all sound crazy” I like that. I wasn’t too enamored with the “nerd” part of the title. Jane Austen lovers are not nerds! Perhaps it would have worked better as “Crazy Girl Pilgrimages”

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