The funniest “Star Trek” thing that I think I’ve ever seen

I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon All Our Trek Are Belong To.US, but it had me rolling.  The website seems several years old, and the owner of it goes to great pains to recap various Star Trek episodes, point by point, to prove to us all just how “slashy” Star Trek, (and more specifically, Kirk/Spock) really is.

It is funny because it is so true and you find yourself scratching your head, wondering why you never saw it that way yourself.

For example, this is a brief bit she wrote about Amok Time:

Here’s a very unusual episode. We visit Vulcan and get a slice of Vulcan life. This episode is also typical in many ways:

1) Kirk acts like a total masochist, as usual, for example, he can’t resist the urge to get into a big fight with a much stronger opponent despite some pretty good advice to stay out of it, *again*. 2) Spock, despite supposedly being a pacifist, turns out to be a kick-ass fighter, *again*. 3) McCoy goes ashore although there is no really good reason for him to be there, *again*. 4) Kirk gets thrown into a spicy situation with a sexy woman and, as in the ep Mudd’s Women (and many others), it’s NOT HIS IDEA (and nothing much comes of it), *again*. 5) Spock is insubordinate, steals the ship, kicks the stuffing out of Kirk and basically treats Kirk and other people like shit and gets away with all of it, *again*.

Not only does it become clear that Spock doesn’t really like women very much, but it’s also made quite clear that (bad attitude and bad behavior notwithstanding) he’s nuts about Kirk – and (strangely, in spite of everything) the feeling is very mutual. For once, somebody actually comments on it, too – so it’s not just us seeing it, the people in Kirk’s universe can see it, too.

Just go and finish reading the entire Amok Time recap plus some of the others.  I swear you will pee in your pants.  It is so hysterical.