For a quick excercise in humiliation…

…go back and re-read one of your very first pieces of fan fic…. just do it.  You’ll never laugh at a newbie in any field ever again!

In my case, I am re-reading my Anne de Bourgh series.  OMG!  I shudder with embarrassment at every single page I have written.  Thank God I took it down from DWG!

Addendum: Yet, on further reflection, I have not been as prolific nor have I written with quite so much enthusiastic humor since then.  I have no idea where that confidence came from because it certainly doesn’t exist today.  I over-think everything!


6 thoughts on “For a quick excercise in humiliation…

  1. Oh I have tried that before. I’m always embarrassed to see how my writing style was like four or five years ago. xD But I’m also pleased to see how much I’ve improved!

    • Exactly how I feel. I’m much more improved, but by no means perfect. But then, I go and get all judgemental with professional writers when they don’t live up to my “high standards”. They do have their money to cushion any blow I could give and they do have that advance to keep them warm. 🙂

  2. Okay, now that I’ve FINALLY found my WordPress password so I can comment, I’m back to give you a tongue-lashing for disparaging your early work. Early work SHOULD have the enthusiasm and rough-edged cadence of someone who’s just happy to get the words down on paper. It’s once we get a little “knowledge” that things fall apart. So, in other words, cut yourself some slack. We love your writing, no matter when it was produced. Yes, that’s the royal “we” in addition to the “we” of your fan legion 😉

    • That was very nice of you to say. I was reading some article the other day by some professional writer (can’t remember who) and they were saying something similar about their early published work being crap. So, I guess, no matter the skill level, we are all just overly sensitive cry-babies. 🙂

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