OK, I know what my excuse is, what’s yours?

Blog lethargy is alive and well (among some of us)! Cruising around lately I am “happy” to see that I am not alone in neglecting my blog.

So, my lovelies, drop me a line (if you still come here, that is) and let me know what you have been up to. And then, after we each say some comforting words to each other, let us ALL promise to TRY to post at least once a week.


Hugs and smooches!


Oh, and BTW…



Here’s something to tempt you with if I cannot convince you otherwise…

Heart’s Guardian – Chapter 12

 She had remembered a certain expression. Doctor Leonard McCoy had given her just such an expression once before. She ruminated on the irony inherent in that very moment, thinking that it must have been an expression which all doctors gave their patients every once in a while, a expression that said: ‘I need to ask a certain question, but you’re probably not going to like it’.

 And McCoy had asked it, bold as brass and managing to only stutter a little.

 “If–if Jim’s the father, you can tell me.”

 Jenusia jerked herself back into the present, leaving the blinking lights of Starfleet Medical of several years ago and into the flickering lights of the medical bay on the space freighter, Hercules.

 She now turned her focus onto this other doctor, this other very young, very red-haired and very freckled human doctor who was standing in front of her giving her his own version of the Doctor McCoy look.

 “Sorry?” she asked, having not heard a word he said.

(There’s more where that came from)


6 thoughts on “OK, I know what my excuse is, what’s yours?

  1. Ooh, Jenusia! She’s traveling with the twins, I assume. Well, I am hopeful that we’ll see the new chapter soon.

    My excuse for not blogging is that I have been busy writing short stories (Jane Austen fic) for a collection, and I struggled mightily with the Regency PP story. I gave up when it began resembling an epic more than a short story, chopped it in half, and will publish the first half, hopefully in a month; the second half will be cut too, as I tend to make things way too complicated and detailed. Sigh.

    • At least that’s actual writing… as opposed to laying on the sofa and saying that I am going to write (in 5 minutes) only to switch on Hulu and to watch reruns of Merlin… over and over again!

  2. Oh! Such a nice teaser. I have been doing everything but writing. I thought about sitting down to work on Pride and Logic yesterday–about 5 minutes before I had to leave the house for church.

    I’ve been moving, baking cupcakes and getting settled into Shalom House–an intentional peacemaking community linked to my church. Piglet and I are the only house members and we’ve been busy getting the house in order and trying to get the the house back on mission. I’m making my own laundry soap, harvesting kale and planning pallet container gardens. Fun stuff. So far we’ve been a success. I may have inadvertently inspired some people in my church to start an anti-war tax resistance team.

    I like this move to encourage one another to post more regularly. Poor Love and Prejudice hasn’t been updated in 2 years.

    • You sound like me… sitting down to my story with all the best intentions and then the phone rings or there’s a knock on the door or I make the mistake of turning on Hulu… then everything flies out the window and the next thing I know, it’s midnight and I have accomplished absolutely nothing! Pathetic!

      Hey, you sound as if you are doing some interesting stuff with your church. Hope all goes well.

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