Star Trek 12: A first look

Someone has been leaking Star Trek photos all over the Interwebs lately.  However, until now, I have only seen casual on-set moments, not actual photographic evidence of the filming itself.

However, there is something utterly, utterly wrong with this photo.  Can you guess what?

It’s Spock’s hair… Spock’s hair should NEVER be mussed.  Sheesh!  That is Trek 101!

In this scene Spock is fighting with Sherlock fangirl favorite, Benedict Cumberbatch, who, if you look closely, is wearing a Starfleet-issued black uniform undershirt.  Curiouser and curiouser! I wonder what that is all about.  And I am especially concerned that Spock is “fighting” again.  What’s up with that?

And in this one below, here is our girl, Nyota, looking hot and in control…

As if she would ever be out of control!  It’s almost how she looks in her Barbie box! 🙂


17 thoughts on “Star Trek 12: A first look

  1. Oooh, I saw those on ONTD. I wasn’t keen on Spock’s windswept hair either. Note Uhura has hardly a single hair out of place.
    I hadn’t noticed BC’s starfleet-issue undershirt though. Intriguing.

    • I found these on Yahoo and it said something about this being a rehearsal so I guess we can forgive the blowsy hair.

  2. YES! I’t about time! The photos are making me so excited about the movie! Looks like Uhura may have been saving Spock’s ass! LOL!

    • I have no idea what took them so long. The first one was filmed in like 2007. They are saying this one will not come out until 2013. That is too long in between films. The actors will have aged 5 years… that an entire mission right there! 🙂

  3. Who is perpetrating the travesty that is Spock’s hair? Did someone not get the memo that Vulcan tresses do not spike, swish or otherwise do wind-blown? On the other hand, Uhura looks fab.

    • I know, right. The whole “Spock Schtick” is the hair always in place. I think I saw it mildly in disarray once on TOS, but I think that was after he was attacked by a creature…. and it was only his bangs. 🙂

  4. I am so excited about Benedict Cumberbach being in this movie!!! And him and ZQ fighting! Yes and yes!!! I also wonder how he is managing to hold his own against vulcan strength? Perhaps he as super human powers somehow or he isn’t human. Also, I appreciate that Vulcan hair is no longer seen as a helmet or somehow naturally containing tons of gel. Ny needs to be able to run her fingers through it.

    • I have to admit that I have never seen one episode of Sherlock. I’ve seen previews and clips, of course, but I just don’t “get” what the fan girls “get”. He sort of reminds me of Merlin. Almost like they could be brothers or something. Which reminds me to ask, have you been watching it? This week is the “big one” – King Arthur finally pops the question! Although, I am mildly irritated that Gwen is STILL a servant. I mean, come on, Elyan is a fricking Knight of Camelot. He has risen in status, so his sister should have risen with him!

      • Spoilers…

        OMG! I now see what you mean. I watched it this morning and then when I saw Gwen pack up her little cart I about lost it. However, I did call it:

        After that, I could not let it rest. I HAD to see the rest of the series so I did a little search on the Interwebs and there is was.

        OH YES! I AM NOW BITTER, TOO! Now Gwen will always have that betrayal hanging over her head. One line from Morgana during her speech to Arthur could have cleared up EVERYTHING!!! Especially since Arthur was so troubled that everyone in his life that he trusted betrayed him, I just don’t understand why they did not tie that bit up. Arthur loving her is all well and good, but he will never know the truth. Ugh!

  5. Uh oh. I thought the Merlin malaise was just me, because I have seriously hated the current season showing in the US. They’re ALL getting on my nerves (except for Gaius) and if Merlin changes into Emeris ONE MORE TIME, I won’t be responsible for my actions. Now I’m dreading tonight’s episode. Bah!

    But back to BC, his modern Sherlock is really wonderful. I love the season 1 episode where the female police detective called him a “freak.” Because imagine the original eccentric character in a modern landscape and HE IS a freak. But a brilliant one. Cumberbatch brings all of it–the brilliance and oddity, into sharp focus. That’s why I love it/him.

    • I actually liked the current season UNTIL… (read… or not my latest SPOILERY comment above). I am disgusted!

      • OMG, I was SO LIVID at the end of that episode. Could Arthur have been any more of a twit!! Why did NO ONE help Guinevere?? Surely when someone cleaned out that cell they discovered that enchanted bracelet? And why didn’t Arthur ask his evil uncle what he was doing up at that time of the night and how come he knew EXACTLY where to go?? Sorry for all the caps but I just can’t even. I’m only going to watch now to see if they clear up all this effery. What a sad situation when there was so much opportunity to do something fantastic. Epic fail.

  6. *Spoilers and a Rant*

    I know! I thought the writers did a horrible job with this season. They clearly showed they do not care about the development of their female characters to over look the enchantment, Gwen getting justice and Morganna getting dealt with. Morgs finally has a plan that works and no one knows about it.

    Plus, Arthur totally screwed Gwen and her being made Queen does not make up for him banishing her to a bandit infested wilderness. They made a big deal about Arthur forgiving her but Gwen didn’t need forgiveness. She needed the truth and justice. All of her friends and family turned on her. No one helped her until Merlin at the very end. I want the truth to come out and for all of Camelot to eat a butt load of crow! So, I vowed to give up Merlin and not watch season 5. I only watch for Gwen. But, the writers treat her character like dirt. She is the only character (besides Lancelot) who is consistently good and noble and she doesn’t get credit for it.

    I mean, people get enchanted at Camelot every freakin day. No one thought it odd for Gwen cakes to be swapping spit with zombie Lancelot in the freakin council room the night before her freakin wedding to the freakin love of her life??????

    You can tell I am still bitter. I keep telling myself it is just a poorly written TV show and not real life.

    • It reminds me of that article from a few months back that you had on your blog. Gwen gets absolutely NO love. Her character is the absolutely least offensive on the show and yet she has all the grief. Morgana get’s more love than Gwen and she’s the most evil. Think about it this way: the Morgana character has grown and developed over the years but Gwen is still the same trusting soul. Like I said above, why did they keep her as a servant? She deserved to move up in the world. One moment she’s making Arthur’s bed, the next moment she’s saying yes to his proposal. I just don’t get it. I can think of literally ten possible story arcs for her character right this minute and none of them would have taken away anything from canon.

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