Back from London!

I had a fabulous time, but now I am sick as a dog.  I went to the doctor yesterday and now I’m going to be home for the rest of the week.

I’ll do a full write up later.  I’ve put up some of my photos on my flickr page from one camera, and I haven’t gotten around to doing the other camera just yet.  Somehow half the photos on it got ruined (mostly all the photos I took at Winchester and Winchester Cathedral, which is a shame as it is such a beautiful place.

The Victoria & Albert Museum

The definite highlight of the trip was meeting Kirsty!!! (and her husband, Mark, and her two shy cats)  We had a great time touring Chawton and Winchester!!


4 thoughts on “Back from London!

  1. Wow – the highlight of the trip! I am honoured!
    Great to finally meet you too.
    Typically, I’d been back from the station about 5 minutes after dropping you off when cute kitteh came back in through the cat flap and settled down. Gah! Still, at least you saw him in the car park.
    Looking forward to your Chawton and Winchester pics as, inexplicably, I didn’t take that many in Chawton and my Cathedral ones weren’t that good (well, apart from the ones of the floor tiles).

    • My Winchester ones turned out crappy, as well. Wonder what that is about. Hope it was not some creepy vibe coming off the cathedral. i finally got them all up. It only took four hours!

      Mark was a delight, he never stopped smiling!!!!

      And on top of it all I have a nasty cold. No, I don’t blame you. 🙂

  2. Nice photos! Now what is up with the JA quilt? It’s not on her bed (the one with the white canopy), so is it something she made? Looks like you didn’t buy yourself a Pippa Bag, but at least you got to see them. XD Any pix of you with Kirsty and Mark?

    • I was surprised that Chawton had very little of Jane’s actual possessions. The quilt was behind glass in a separate room. Other than the quilt, you would be amazed at exactly how much of the stuff was out and about. My conclusion was that it was probably not worth very much. Of course, the quilt is one of a kind.

      If you didn’t see the caption under the photo of the bed, it explained that it was a reproduction meant to convey what type of bed Jane and Cassandra shared, it wasn’t the actual bed and all sorts of people could just wonder in off the road and take the quilt if it was simply laying out.

      No, I didn’t buy a Pippa handbag. In the end it just seemed too expensive for what it was. It was a lovely bag, but not exactly worth $350 in my eyes. That’s like buying a Dooney or a Coach bag here, and as much as I hate Dooney & Coach, the quality speaks for itself. The Pippa was well made, but not quite on the same level.

      Kirsty (just like me) did not wish to have her photo taken and I respected that. I hate photos of myself so who was I to force it on anyone.

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